D.L. Moody’s Thoughts for the Quiet Hour

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These devotional readings for a year range over the entire Bible, taking thoughts from nearly every book. Contributors include such well-known Christians as F. B. Meyer, A. B. Simpson, A. J. Gordon, Andrew Murray, C. H. Spurgeon, and J. Hudson Taylor.

In the forword D.L. Moody writes, “In this age of rush and activity we need some special call to go apart and be alone with God for a part of each day. Any man or woman who does this faithfully and earnestly cannot be more than twenty-four hours away from God.”

Surely this is as true now as it was when Moody lived. Those who live in today’s world of bustle, anxiety, and turmoil can certainly learn the value of a “quiet hour.” Thoughts for the Quiet Hour is designed to help Christians establish daily communication with God and find Him present in the activities of their day.

Thoughts for the Quiet Hour
• Editor: D. L. Moody
Text of the 1900 version published by Fleming H. Revell Company

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