E. G. White’s Biographies (9 vols.)

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A collection of nine (9) biographies of Ellen G. White:

  • Ellen G. White: The Early Years: 1827–1862 (vol. 1)
  • Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862–1876 (vol. 2)
  • Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876–1891 (vol. 3)
  • Ellen G. White: The Australian Years: 1891–1900 (vol. 4)
  • Ellen G. White: The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900–1905 (vol. 5)
  • Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905–1915 (vol. 6)
  • Ellen G. White in Europe 1885–1887
  • Life Sketches Manuscript
  • Ellen White: Woman of Vision

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