Encyclopedia of Christianity, The (5 Volumes) / January 01, 1999

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The Encyclopedia of Christianity is a monumental reference work that addresses the broad interest in Christianity and religion around the world today. Comprehensive, up to date, reflecting the highest standards in scholarship yet intended for a wide range of readers, the EC describes the Christian faith and community in their myriad forms today and throughout the 2,000 years of Christian history. The EC also looks outward beyond Christianity, considering other world religions and philosophies as it paints the overall religious and sociocultural picture in which the Christian church now finds itself in the new millennium.

Written by leading scholars from many countries and cultural backgrounds, the more than 1,700 articles in the complete EC depict Christianity in its global context. Separate articles for every continent and for over 170 countries examine both the history and the current situation of the Christian faith worldwide. The EC also portrays Christianity in its widest ecumenical context. Major articles detail Christianity’s rich spiritual and theological diversity in order to inform readers about religious traditions and perspectives beyond their own ecclesiastical frameworks.

In its portrayal of Christianity, the EC also takes into account the current sociocultural context, including other world religions, secular philosophies, cultural trends, and modern political and economic forces. Covering such current topics as abortion, atheism, Islam, modernity, and psychoanalysis, these articles describe the multifarious settings in which the Christian church today must maintain a credible witness to the ancient gospel. Finally, the EC presents Christianity in its rich historical context, starting with the biblical tradition and showing how the apostolic tradition developed and how the church has sought throughout history to keep faith with its traditions while engaging the world around it.

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  1. (verified owner) Joseph Sollenberger

    In the age of the internet, one may well wonder if a traditionally produced encyclopedia is justified. After all, Wikipedia is often thorough and is constantly updated; it is a wonderful resource. Why would one ever wish to purchase a tool designed for paper? Because, for some, it meets the Goldilocks principle.

    The Encyclopedia of Christianity will probably be undersized for scholars needing monographs and journal articles for cutting edge information in their specialized fields, and it will probably be uncomfortable for many without some prior experience or taste for academic writing. For specialists seeking information in an area outside their own field, for students in earlier stages of their studies, and for individuals that are just as curious as George of the children’s books, this encyclopedia may be just right.

    The articles are well written by scholars who know their subject well. This deep understanding is combined with a keen sense of how much detail is needed to provide the information for general understanding without skipping a necessary part of the story or overwhelming the reader with excessive detail. The included bibliographies will lead the seriously curious to other high quality resources. Since articles are written by a variety of individuals, the writing style will vary from one article to another, but the editors have kept control of the project and the writing is more level than one may expect. The encyclopedia has a definite tone that, for me, was just right.

    With tagging and hyperlinking, the Accordance version is much more useful than the paper version, and is certainly something to have on a mobile device. After all, one never knows when a bout of curiosity will strike. Indeed, for me, an individual looking at a wide variety of topics in Christianity and other religions through non-specialist eyes, The Encyclopedia of Christianity published by Eerdmans is well justified because it fits me—just right.


  2. Nathan Parker

    I frequently consulted this during my time in Bible college and seminary. It is a super-useful general reference work on church history and Christianity. I highly recommend it in everyone’s Accordance library!

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