Evangelical Dictionary of World Religions (House) / November 20, 2018

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Clear, Comprehensive, Essential Information on the World’s Religions

With all of the different religions, sects, denominations, and belief systems out there, it can be difficult to separate fact from mere opinion, especially if we are relying solely on online sources that often have an ideological or political slant. How can we truly understand if we cannot even be sure we are getting the facts straight?

In this comprehensive resource, more than seventy-five evangelical scholars offer a thoroughly researched guide to Christianity, other world religions, and alternative religious views. The nearly five hundred entries include articles on movements, theological terms, and major historical figures. This dictionary is perfect for pastors, students, and anyone who wants ready access to reliable information on today’s complex religious landscape. Contributors include Francis Beckwith, Robert Bowman, Winfried Corduan, Gary Habermas, Irving Hexham, and more.

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