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Bishop J. C. Ryle (1816-1900) was a strong supporter of the evangelical school and a critic of Ritualism. He was a writer, pastor, and an evangelical preacher. Warmly welcomed by evangelical Christians of all denominations, his writings on the Gospels are considered by many to be the best practical, devotional, and Christ-centered commentaries EVER written!

The author did not prepare the work for scholars, but instead that the volumes were for family and private use.

  • Matthew – Originally published as one volume in 1856
  • Mark – Originally published as one volume in 1857
  • Luke – Originally published as two volumes in 1858
  • John – Originally published as three volumes in 1869

12/26/18 Update: The 2.0 update adds the Technical Notes that were missing from the initial release.

5/24/19 Update: The 2.5 update adds the Technical Notes for the book of Luke.

6/5/19 Update: The 3.0 update adds content to the condensed version.

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