Godly Men Set (9 volumes)

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What did the Biblical authors, early church fathers, medieval scholastics, and Protestant Reformers have to say about the “doctrines of grace”? That is the question developed in the Long Line of Godly Men books by Steven J. Lawson from Ligonier Ministries. Volume 1—Foundations of Grace—traces these doctrines through the writings of each Biblical author from Moses to John the apostle. Volume 2—Pillars of Grace—continues to survey important figures in church history from the apostolic fathers through the 16th century reformers. Additional volumes are planned to complete the survey through the modern era.

Complementing this ambitious series are the Long Line of Godly Men Profiles—short, highly readable biographies focused on key characteristics of great men of faith. The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther examines the convictions which drove Luther’s courage in the pulpit. The Expository Genius of John Calvin explores what made Calvin such an influential preacher and commentator. Other titles address the “mighty weakness” of John Knox, the “gospel focus” of Charles Spurgeon, the “unwavering resolve” of Jonathan Edwards, the “evangelistic zeal” of George Whitefield, and the “poetic wonder” of Isaac Watts.

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Category Code Title Price
TheologyGodly Men-FoundationsFoundations of Grace (Long Line of Godly Men Series)19.90
TheologyGodly Men-PillarsPillars of Grace19.90
WritingsGodly Men-CalvinExpository Genius of John Calvin, The10.90
WritingsGodly Men-EdwardsUnwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards, The10.90
WritingsGodly Men-KnoxMighty Weakness of John Knox, The10.90
WritingsGodly Men-LutherHeroic Boldness of Martin Luther, The10.90
WritingsGodly Men-SpurgeonGospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon, The10.90
WritingsGodly Men-WattsPoetic Wonder of Isaac Watts, The10.90
WritingsGodly Men-WhitefieldEvangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield, The10.90


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