God's Plan for Man

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Throughout nearly sixty years of ministry, Finis Jennings Dake passionately pursued the literal truth of Scripture. God’s Plan For Man contains the very heart of his life’s work. Originally designed as a correspondence course, God’s Plan For Man is equivalent to a three-year Bible College program. As such, it is highly interactive and intended for serious study. In this comprehensive volume, Dake unfolds the plans and purposes of God from the eternal past to the eternal future, exploring biblical prophecy and the privileges of life in Christ. He systematically discusses the nature of the Bible, principles of biblical interpretation, the Trinity and much more. In God’s Plan For Man, Dake writes with a pastor’s heart. His aim is to encourage faith. The result is a balanced diet that satisfies both heart and mind.

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God’s Plan for Man
• Author: Finis Jennings Dake
Publisher: Dake Publishing (2002)

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