Handbook of Bible Application (2nd Edition): A Guide for Applying the Bible to Everyday Life / January 01, 2000

Prod ID: Application Handbook / Pub. Tyndale House Publishers
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Requires Accordance 10.4 or above.

How does prayer work? What does the Bible really say about money? Does the Bible have anything to say about friendship? You’ll find answers to these questions and many more, quickly and easily in The Handbook of Bible Application.

The Bible is full of wisdom about life. Yet it’s not always easy to connect the dots between the various Bible passages on any particular subject—whether it’s a question about dealing with money or about overcoming depression. The Handbook of Bible Application is your guide to the Bible, organized by topics that impact the way you live your life every day: accountability, attitudes, contentment, depression, doubt, encouragement, friendship, money, popularity, sex, singleness, worry, and hundreds of other topics. This is a biblical resource you won’t want to be without.

This book is for anyone interested in a topical study of the Bible. If there is a life-related topic to which the Bible speaks, chances are you will find it here. The topics are arranged alphabetically and cross-referenced with other related topics, key verses, and longer Bible readings. Each entry is designed to address life’s everyday struggles and questions and each topic leads you directly to the Bible passages that speak to those struggles and questions. The purpose of this book is not to supplement the Bible’s answers to life’s questions, but to lead you to them.

Under each topic you will find these features:

  • Key questions often asked about the topic
  • Suggested Bible readings related to the topic
  • Key Bible verses (printed in a version that best highlights the meaning)
  • Answers to the key questions
  • Notes adapted from the Life Application Bible

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  1. (verified owner) Sandra Dunson

    I’ve had this particular book/item for a while. Finally, I have blown the dust off to use it. I appreciate the structure of the topics of interest with the supporting biblical verses inclusion of a synopsis of the verses shared. It is wonderful in assisting one with further framing of their delivery structure as you map out speaking notes.

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