English Expert Collection (November 2019)

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Retail: $16,000.00 / Accordance: $3,299.00 / Sale Price: $1,979.40

This Accordance Collection now includes version 14 of the Accordance application, with the following new features:

• Dynamic Word Study
• Custom Phrasing
• Easy Answers
• Quick-Click Navigation
• User Tool Commentaries and Dictionaries
• Unicode User Tools
• Improved Dark Mode Support

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This Collection is valued at over $16,000 based on the individual list prices of its contents. The “List Price” shown above, however, reflects the total price of the Collection contents if each title were purchased separately in Accordance.

The Accordance English Expert Collection is three times the price of the English Pro—and its additional resources are worth every penny. In print, the volumes in this extensive Collection would fill an entire room, leaving no space for the pastor and a desk. Yet these digital resources fit on a laptop’s hard drive. Some senior pastors have labored their entire lives to build this kind of pastoral library, one piece at a time, but this complete Collection can be yours today for less than the cost of a couple of seminary courses.

This Collection also includes additional resources derived from Ancient Christianity and from Judaism.

Highlights (additions to the English Pro):

  • Commentaries: The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (29 vols.), the New American Commentary (42 vols.), Butler’s Analytical Bible Expositor (14 vols.) and Bible Biography Series (27 vols.), Keil and Delitzsch’s Commentary on the OT (10 vols.), various JPS commentaries on the Old Testament (12 vols), and the [Jewish] Commentators’ Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), the IVP New Testament Commentary Series (20 vols.), Lenski’s Commentary on the New Testament (20 vols.), and more.
  • Bible Dictionaries: International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (Fully Revised; 4 vols; 1988-1995), Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity; IVP’s New Dictionary of Theology, Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, and New Dictionary of Bible Theology.
  • Writings by Christian Leaders: N. T. Wright, R. C. Sproul (5 vols.), Roger E. Olson (4 vols), Finis J. Dake (9 vols.), Martin Lloyd-Jones (9 vols), and Stanley Horton (5 vols.).

*Content and Pricing Subject to Change.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Photo CollectionsPhotoGuide SamplerAccordance PhotoGuide SamplerN/A
Image Rich ToolsMaps SamplerAccordance Atlas SamplerN/A
Image Rich ToolsTimeline SamplerAccordance Timeline SamplerN/A
English BiblesAMPAmplified Bible14.90
English BiblesCEVContemporary English Version14.90
English BiblesBISHOPBishop’s BibleN/A
English BiblesDOUAYDouay-Rheims BibleN/A
English BiblesGENEVAGeneva Bible (1599)N/A
English BiblesTYNDALETyndale Bible (William Tyndale)N/A
English BiblesCSB17SChristian Standard Bible (2017) with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesDRBYDarby VersionN/A
English BiblesWEBSTRWebster Bible, TheN/A
English BiblesWEYMTHWeymouth New TestamentN/A
English BiblesYNGYoung’s Literal Translation of the Holy BibleN/A
English BiblesCEBCommon English Bible with Apocrypha and Notes14.90
English BiblesCEB2CEB2N/A
English BiblesERVHoly Bible:  Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)14.90
English BiblesGWORDGod’s Word Translation with Notes14.90
English BiblesNETNew English Translation Bible (2nd Edition) with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesESVSEnglish Standard Version with Strong’s19.90
English BiblesASVAmerican Standard VersionN/A
English BiblesBBEBible in Basic EnglishN/A
English BiblesKJVAKing James Version ApocryphaN/A
English BiblesKJVSKing James Version with Strong’sN/A
English BiblesWEBWorld English BibleN/A
English BiblesMESSAGEMessage, The14.90
English BiblesNABRENew American Bible, Revised Edition14.90
English BiblesNAS95SNew American Standard 1995 with Strong’sN/A
English BiblesNASBNew American Standard Bible (1977)N/A
English BiblesNIV11-GKNIV New International Version 2011 with G/K numbers39.99
English BiblesNKJVSNew King James Version with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesNLT-SENew Living Translation Second Edition14.90
English BiblesRVEnglish Revised Version9.90
English BiblesNJBNew Jerusalem Bible14.90
English BiblesNRSVSNew Revised Standard Version with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesREBRevised English Bible14.90
English BiblesRSVRevised Standard Version with Apocrypha14.90
English BiblesSBSchocken Bible: The Five Books of Moses14.90
English BiblesTEVToday’s English Version14.90
English BiblesESVEnglish Standard Version14.90
English BiblesJPSSJPS Tanakh (Jewish Publication Society) with Strong’s Numbers19.90
English BiblesNIV11-GKENIV New International Version 2011 with G/K Numbers and Phrase Tagging49.99
English BiblesTLBLiving Bible, The (Paraphrased)14.90
English BiblesWUEST-NTWuest-NTN/A
English Non-Biblical TextAFL-EApostolic Fathers – Lightfoot (English translation)N/A
CommentariesACCS CompleteAncient Christian Commentary on Scripture (Complete 29-Volume Set)329.00
CommentariesAugustine CommentaryAugustine’s Commentary on Psalms, John, and 1 John49.90
CommentariesButler-ExpositorAnalytical Bible Expositor (John G. Butler)229.00
CommentariesActs-HortonStanley Horton: Logion Press Commentary on Acts29.90
CommentariesCatena AureaCatena Aurea (The Golden Chain)N/A
CommentariesClarke's CommentaryAdam Clarke’s Commentary (6 volumes)N/A
CommentariesFourfold GospelCommentary on the GospelsN/A
CommentariesGospels (Lightfoot)Commentary on the Gospels from the Talmud and Hebraica9.90
CommentariesPeople's NTPeople’s New Testament (2 volumes)N/A
CommentariesProverbs (Spurgeon)Sermons on Proverbs (Spurgeon)N/A
CommentariesPsalms (Spurgeon)Treasury of David (Spurgeon)N/A
CommentariesWord PicturesWord Pictures in the New TestamentN/A
CommentariesChrysostom CommentaryChrysostom Commentary on New Testament Books49.90
CommentariesEadie CommentaryEadie Commentary (Galatians to Colossians)N/A
CommentariesGodet CommentaryGodet Commentary (Luke, John, Romans, & 1 Cor.)N/A
CommentariesHort CommentaryHort Commentary (Rom., Eph., parts James, 1Pet., Rev)0
CommentariesLightfoot (Epistles)Lightfoot's Commentaries on the EpistlesN/A
CommentariesWestcott CommentaryWestcott Commentary (John, Ephesians, Hebrews, 1-3 John)N/A
CommentariesBarnes' Notes (OT)Barnes’ Notes on the Old Testament49.90
CommentariesButler-Daily 1Butler’s Daily Bible Reading (Vol. 1): SynopsisN/A
CommentariesButler-Daily 2Butler’s Daily Bible Reading (Vol. 2): SermonettesN/A
CommentariesButler-Daily 3Butler’s Daily Bible Reading (Vol. 3): SermonettesN/A
CommentariesButler-Daily 4Butler’s Daily Bible Reading (Vol. 4): Study QuestionsN/A
CommentariesActs (McGarvey)Commentary on Acts of the Apostles (J.W. McGarvey)N/A
CommentariesBarnes' Notes (NT)Barnes’ Notes on the New TestamentN/A
CommentariesEphesians (Hodge)Commentary on the Epistle to the EphesiansN/A
CommentariesGalatians (Luther)Commentary on the Epistle to the GalatiansN/A
CommentariesJFBJamieson, Fausset & Brown’s Commentary on the Whole BibleN/A
CommentariesJames (Manton)Exposition of the Epistle of JamesN/A
CommentariesJohn (Johnson)New Testament Commentary (Vol. 3: John) by B. W. JohnsonN/A
CommentariesMaclaren's ExpositionsExpositions of Holy Scripture (Alexander MacLaren)N/A
CommentariesMark (Chadwick)Commentary on Mark by G. A. ChadwickN/A
CommentariesVincent-Word StudiesVincent’s Word Studies in the New TestamentN/A
CommentariesCalvinCalvin’s Commentaries (Complete) (22 volumes)39.90
CommentariesDaily HomilyOur Daily Homily (Meyer)N/A
CommentariesGray-Workers' CommentaryChristian Workers’ Commentary on the OT and NT (James Gray)N/A
CommentariesWesley's NotesJohn Wesley’s Explanatory Notes of the Whole BibleN/A
CommentariesBE SeriesBE Series Commentary (50 Volumes) (Wiersbe)199.00
CommentariesBK CommentaryBible Knowledge Commentary (2 Volumes)49.90
CommentariesHenry CommentaryMatthew Henry Complete Commentary29.90
CommentariesIVP-NB CommentaryNew Bible Commentary39.90
CommentariesGenealogiesGenealogies of the Bible (Plus Lists of Notable Persons) (not for Mobile)99.90
CommentariesHolman Bible CommentaryHolman Old and New Testament Commentaries (32 volumes)299.00
CommentariesIVP-NT Commentary 2IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament (2nd Edition)27.90
CommentariesIVP-OT CommentaryIVP Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament27.90
CommentariesRobertson-JamesStudies in the Epistle of James19.90
CommentariesRyle-GospelsExpository Thoughts on the Gospels39.90
CommentariesEerdmans CompanionEerdmans Companion to the Bible, The39.90
CommentariesImagination CommentaryBiblical Imagination Commentary (Michael Card)59.90
CommentariesJewish Annotated NTJewish Annotated New Testament, The (First Edition)34.90
CommentariesNicoll-Expositor's BibleExpositor’s Bible, The (43 Volumes) (Nicoll)149.00
CommentariesOxford CommentaryOxford Bible Commentary39.90
CommentariesCorinthians-HortonStanley Horton: Logion Press Commentary on I & II Corinthians19.90
CommentariesDake-OutlinesDake OutlinesN/A
CommentariesDake-RevelationRevelation ExpoundedN/A
CommentariesHengstenberg-ChristologyChristology of the Old Testament (Hengstenberg) (Volumes 1 and 2)24.90
CommentariesIVP-NTCIVP New Testament Commentary Series, The299.00
CommentariesJPS 4 MegillotJPS Bible Commentary: The Megillot (4 Volumes) (The Song of Songs, Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Esther)169.00
CommentariesJPS HaftarotJPS Bible Commentary: Haftarot39.90
CommentariesJPS JonahJPS Bible Commentary: Jonah39.90
CommentariesJPS Torah CommentaryJPS Torah Commentary (5 volumes)199.00
CommentariesKeil & DelitzschCommentary on the Old Testament (Keil & Delitzsch) (10 Volumes)99.90
CommentariesLenski NT CommentaryLenski’s Commentary on the New Testament299.00
CommentariesLetters & HomiliesLetters and Homilies (Witherington) (3 Volumes)99.90
CommentariesNAC-42New American Commentary (42 Volumes)599.00
CommentariesPhillips CommentaryJohn Phillips OT and NT Exploring Commentaries (27 Volumes)199.00
CommentariesPulpit Gen-JobPulpit Commentary (Genesis through Job) (7 Volumes)N/A
CommentariesPulpit NTPulpit Commentary (New Testament) (8 Volumes)N/A
CommentariesPulpit Ps-MalPulpit Commentary (Psalms through Malachi) (7 Volumes)N/A
CommentariesTorah Modern CommentaryThe Torah: A Modern Commentary59.90
CommentariesWaltke-PsalmsWaltke’s Historical Commentaries on the Psalms59.90
CommentariesWuest-Expanded NTNew Testament: An Expanded Translation (Wuest)19.90
CommentariesWuest-Word StudiesWord Studies from the Greek New Testament (Wuest) (3 Volumes)109.00
Commentary VolumesCB-DeuteronomyCommentators’ Bible, The: Deuteronomy (Carasik)69.90
Commentary VolumesCB-ExodusCommentators’ Bible, The: Exodus (Carasik)69.90
Commentary VolumesCB-GenesisCommentators’ Bible, The: Genesis (Carasik)69.90
Commentary VolumesCB-LeviticusCommentators’ Bible, The: Leviticus (Carasik)69.90
Commentary VolumesCB-NumbersCommentators’ Bible, The: Numbers (Carasik)69.90
Study Bible NotesAndrews Study BibleAndrews University Study Bible Notes29.90
Study Bible NotesCatholic SB-3Catholic Study Bible Notes (3rd Edition)34.90
Study Bible NotesApologetics Study BibleApologetics Study Bible Notes39.90
Study Bible NotesHCSB Study BibleHCSB Study Bible Notes34.90
Study Bible NotesLife App Study BibleLife Application Study Bible Notes29.90
Study Bible NotesFire Bible SE NotesFire Bible Student Edition Notes34.90
Study Bible NotesThompson ChainThompson Chain-Reference BibleN/A
Study Bible NotesDakeDake Annotated Reference Bible NotesN/A
Study Bible NotesESV Study BibleESV Study Bible59.90
Study Bible NotesFire Bible NotesFire Bible: Notes of the Full Life Study Bible39.90
Study Bible NotesGospel TransformationESV Gospel Transformation Bible (Study Bible Notes)29.90
Study Bible NotesJewish SB-2Jewish Study Bible Notes (2nd Edition)34.90
Study Bible NotesNLT Study BibleNew Living Translation Study Bible Notes39.90
Study Bible NotesReformation Heritage SBReformation Heritage KJV Study Bible Notes39.90
Study Bible NotesRyrieRyrie Study Bible Notes29.90
Study Bible NotesScofieldScofield Study Bible Notes29.90
Notes & Cross-referencesAMP NotesAMP NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesKJV PrefacePreface to the King James Version of 1611N/A
Notes & Cross-referencesCEB NotesCEB NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesCEB2 NotesCEB2 NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesNET NotesNew English Translation NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesTreasury EnhancedTreasury of Scripture KnowledgeN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesNAS NotesNASB (1977) Cross References and Translators’ NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesNAS95S NotesNAS95S Cross References and Translators’ NotesN/A
Notes & Cross-referencesCross ReferencesExhaustive Cross-References9.90
DictionariesLatin DictionaryLatin DictionaryN/A
DictionariesBible Themes DictionaryDictionary of Bible Themes29.90
DictionariesSmith's DictionarySmith’s Bible DictionaryN/A
DictionariesAmerican ChurchAmerican Church Dictionary and CyclopediaN/A
DictionariesChristian BiographyDictionary of Early Christian BiographyN/A
DictionariesHymn WritersHymn Writers of the ChurchN/A
DictionariesTopical TextbookNew Topical Textbook, TheN/A
DictionariesHolman DictionaryHolman Illustrated Bible Dictionary29.90
DictionariesHolman TreasuryHolman Treasury of Key Bible Words19.90
DictionariesPocket Apologetics DictIVP: Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion9.90
DictionariesPocket Biblical StudiesIVP: Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies9.90
DictionariesPocket Church HistoryIVP: Pocket Dictionary of Church History9.90
DictionariesPocket EthicsIVP: Pocket Dictionary of Ethics9.90
DictionariesPocket GreekIVP: Pocket Dictionary for the Study of NT Greek9.90
DictionariesPocket HebrewIVP: Pocket Dictionary for the Study of Biblical Hebrew9.90
DictionariesPocket Theological TermsIVP: Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms9.90
DictionariesRenn-Bible WordsExpository Dictionary of Bible Words29.90
DictionariesEastonEaston’s Bible DictionaryN/A
DictionariesNamesBible Names DictionaryN/A
DictionariesWebsterWebster’s 1913 Unabridged English Dictionary19.90
DictionariesISBEInternational Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915 Edition)49.90
DictionariesIVP-NB DictionaryNew Bible Dictionary35.90
DictionariesNAS Topical IndexNAS Topical IndexN/A
DictionariesPocket DenominationsIVP: Pocket Dictionary of North American Denominations9.90
DictionariesPocket LiturgyIVP: Pocket Dictionary of Liturgy & Worship9.90
DictionariesPocket New MovementsIVP: Pocket Dictionary of New Religious Movements9.90
DictionariesPocket ReformedIVP: Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition9.90
DictionariesWood-QuotationsDictionary of Quotations from Ancient and Modern English and Foreign Sources19.90
DictionariesGlobal TheologyGlobal Dictionary of Theology39.90
DictionariesIVP-HistoricalIVP Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books47.90
DictionariesIVP-Jesus & Gospels 2IVP Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (2nd Edition)47.90
DictionariesIVP-Later NTDictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments47.90
DictionariesIVP-Major InterpretersIVP Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters43.90
DictionariesIVP-NT BackgroundDictionary of New Testament Background47.90
DictionariesIVP-Paul & LettersDictionary of Paul and His Letters47.90
DictionariesIVP-PentateuchIVP Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch47.90
DictionariesIVP-ProphetsIVP Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets47.90
DictionariesIVP-WisdomIVP Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings47.90
DictionariesOxford CompanionOxford Companion to the Bible, The31.90
DictionariesEACEncyclopedia of Ancient Christianity (3 Volumes)389.00
DictionariesEarly Judaism DictionaryEerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism, The79.90
DictionariesISBE RevisedInternational Standard Bible Encyclopedia, The (Fully Revised) (4 volumes)149.00
DictionariesIVP-Biblical ImageryDictionary of Biblical Imagery43.90
DictionariesIVP-Biblical TheologyNew Dictionary of Biblical Theology35.90
DictionariesIVP-TheologyNew Dictionary of Theology43.90
General ToolsBen-HurBen-Hur: A Tale of the Christ9.90
General ToolsRead Me-ModulesRead Me Information on ModulesN/A
General ToolsPocket World ReligionsIVP: Pocket Guide to World Religions9.90
General ToolsValentine VerseValentine Verses and Valentine Verse19.90
Biblical StudiesButler-Bible BiographyBible Biography Series, The (John Butler) (27 Volumes)249.00
Biblical StudiesButler-SaviorStudies of the Savior (10 Volumes) (John G. Butler)159.00
Biblical StudiesPaul the TravelerSt. Paul the Traveler and Roman CitizenN/A
Biblical StudiesCarasik-Many VoicesBible’s Many Voices, The (Carasik)29.90
Biblical StudiesBerkhof-NT IntroIntroduction to the New Testament (Louis Berkhof)N/A
Biblical StudiesManners & CustomsManners and Customs in the BibleN/A
Biblical StudiesBeginning in MarkBeginning in Mark: An Example Accordance Bible StudyN/A
Biblical StudiesBird's Eye ViewBird’s Eye View of the Bible, AN/A
Biblical StudiesStudy of KJVGreatest English ClassicN/A
Biblical StudiesBullinger-FiguresFigures of Speech Used in the Bible: Explained and Illustrated (Bullinger)39.90
Biblical CollectionN/A
Biblical StudiesClassic PassagesClassic Bible PassagesN/A
Biblical StudiesDr. J's BSMDr. J’s Bible Study MethodsN/A
Biblical StudiesKeener-ContextThe Bible in Its Context (English and Spanish)N/A
Biblical StudiesNave'sNave's Topical BibleN/A
Biblical StudiesOutlinesOutlines of the Bible BooksN/A
Biblical StudiesParables & MiraclesParables and MiraclesN/A
Biblical StudiesIVP-Hard SayingsHard Sayings of the Bible28.90
Biblical StudiesIVP-NT EssentialsNew Testament Essentials: Father, Son, Spirit and Kingdom (Castleman)13.90
Biblical StudiesIVP-OT EssentialsOld Testament Essentials (Longman)14.90
Biblical StudiesLongman-Read ExodusHow to Read Exodus (Tremper Longman)15.90
Biblical StudiesLongman-Read GenesisHow to Read Genesis (Tremper Longman)15.90
Biblical StudiesLongman-Read JobHow to Read Job (Walton, Longman III)17.90
Biblical StudiesLongman-Read ProverbsHow to Read Proverbs (Tremper Longman)15.90
Biblical StudiesNT AuthorsWhat the New Testament Authors Really Cared About24.90
Biblical StudiesHorizons in HermeneuticsHorizons in HermeneuticsN/A
Biblical StudiesThiselton-HermeneuticsHermeneutics: An IntroductionN/A
Biblical StudiesDake-Topical IndexDake Topical IndexN/A
Biblical StudiesFerguson-BackgroundsBackgrounds of Early Christianity (3rd Edition) (Everett Ferguson)39.90
Biblical StudiesLost World GenesisLost World of Genesis One, The (Walton)13.90
Biblical StudiesNTW-Bible StudiesFor Everyone Bible Study Guides (N.T. Wright)159.00
Biblical StudiesOutside the BibleOutside the Bible (3 Volumes)249.00
Biblical StudiesRose Bible OverviewRose Bible Overview19.90
Biblical StudiesWellhausen-ProlegomenaProlegomena to a History of Israel29.90
Preaching HelpsClowney-Preaching ChristPreaching Christ in All of Scripture (Clowney)15.90
Preaching HelpsAMG Illustrations 1Bible Illustrations (Book One): Illustrations of Bible TruthsN/A
Preaching HelpsAMG Illustrations 2Bible Illustrations (Book Two): A Treasury of IllustrationsN/A
Preaching HelpsAMG Illustrations 3Bible Illustrations (Book Three): Practical Bible Illustrations from Yesterday & TodayN/A
Preaching HelpsAMG Illustrations 4Bible Illustrations (Book Four): Heartwarming Bible IllustrationsN/A
Preaching HelpsButler-Starters 1-9Butler’s Sermon Starters (Vols. 1-9) (John G. Butler)199.00
Preaching HelpsChristian QuotationsChristian Quotations (Martin Manser)9.90
Preaching HelpsGray-Master the BibleHow to Master the English Bible (James Gray)N/A
Preaching HelpsQuotationsAssorted QuotationsN/A
Preaching HelpsFresh Illustrations-6Fresh Illustrations (6 Volumes) (Wilson)39.90
Preaching HelpsQuotations (Bartlett)Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations9.90
Preaching HelpsGathered GoldComplete Gathered Gold, The29.90
Preaching HelpsMany ThoughtsMany Thoughts of Many Minds19.90
Preaching HelpsGlory of PreachingGlory of Preaching, The (Darrell W. Johnson)17.90
Preaching HelpsSOS-HaydenSermon Outline Series: Sermon Outlines (Eric Hayden)N/A
Preaching HelpsSOS-TopicalSermon Outline Series: Topical Sermon Outlines (Various Authors)N/A
Preaching HelpsSOS-MayshackSermon Outline Series: Sermon Outlines (John Lewis Mayshack)N/A
Preaching HelpsSOS-Pentz TopicalSermon Outline Series: Topical Sermon Outlines (Croft Pentz)N/A
Preaching HelpsSOS-EdwardsSermon Outline Series: Sermon Outlines (Archie L. Edwards, Sr.)N/A
Preaching HelpsSOS-Pentz ExpositorySermon Outline Series: Expository Sermon Outlines (Croft Pentz)N/A
Preaching HelpsExploring SpurgeonExploring the Mind & Heart of the Prince of Preachers17.90
Preaching HelpsInductive PreachingInductive Preaching17.90
Preaching HelpsPractical WisdomPractical Wisdom for Pastors13.90
Preaching HelpsUsing IllustrationsUsing Illustrations to Preach with Power (Revised Edition)14.90
DevotionalsAncient DevotionalAncient Christian Devotional (3 Volumes)42.90
DevotionalsAndrews SB Reading PlanAndrews Study Bible Reading PlanN/A
DevotionalsBCP 1979Book of Common Prayer (1979)14.90
DevotionalsImitationImitation of Christ, The (Thomas à Kempis)N/A
DevotionalsPresencePractice of the Presence of God by Brother LawrenceN/A
DevotionalsDaily LightDaily Light on the Daily PathN/A
DevotionalsFaith's CheckbookFaith's CheckbookN/A
DevotionalsHavergal-Morning BellsMorning Bells (Frances Havergal)N/A
DevotionalsHymnsCollection of HymnsN/A
DevotionalsKneeling ChristianKneeling Christian, The (By An Unknown Christian)N/A
DevotionalsLeaves of LifeLeaves of LifeN/A
DevotionalsLittle Folded HandsLittle Folded HandsN/A
DevotionalsMacDonald-Old SoulDiary of an Old SoulN/A
DevotionalsMoody-Quiet HourD.L. Moody’s Thoughts for the Quiet HourN/A
DevotionalsMorning & EveningMorning and Evening (Charles Spurgeon)N/A
DevotionalsMurray-True VineTrue Vine (Andrew Murray)N/A
DevotionalsWattsPsalms and Hymns of Isaac WattsN/A
DevotionalsDaily GuidanceDaily Guidance: A Book of Daily Bible Readings (Martin Manser)9.90
DevotionalsDaily MeditationMy Daily Meditation For The Circling Year9.90
DevotionalsDaily StrengthDaily Strength for Daily Needs9.90
DevotionalsDays of HeavenDays of Heaven Upon Earth9.90
DevotionalsEG Day by DayExperiencing God Day by Day DevotionalN/A
DevotionalsFaithful PromiserFaithful Promiser, The9.90
DevotionalsWords of JesusWords of Jesus, TheN/A
DevotionalsChronological ReadingsChronological ReadingsN/A
DevotionalsDevotional ReadingsDevotional ReadingsN/A
DevotionalsM'Cheyne Family ReadingsM’Cheyne Family Readings9.90
DevotionalsM'Cheyne Secret ReadingsM’Cheyne Secret ReadingsN/A
DevotionalsThrough Bible ReadingsThrough the Bible Reading PlanN/A
DevotionalsTopical Bible ReadingsTopical Guide to Daily Devotional Bible Reading in a YearN/A
DevotionalsReadings & PrayersReadings and Prayers for Jewish Worship29.90
HistorySchaff's HistoryHistory of the Christian Church by Philip Schaff (8 volumes)N/A
HistoryBabylonian ReligionReligion of Babylonia and Assyria (Theophilus G. Pinches, LL.D)N/A
HistoryBulfinchBulfinch’s Mythology: The Age of FableN/A
HistorySt. PatrickSt. Patrick of IrelandN/A
HistoryTwelve CaesarsLives of the Twelve CaesarsN/A
HistoryAmerican ChristianityHistory of American Christianity, AN/A
HistoryMartyrsFoxe’s Book of MartyrsN/A
HistoryAmerican HeritageAmerica’s Governmental and Cultural Heritage9.90
HistoryChurch HistorySketches of Church HistoryN/A
HistoryKnox & ReformationJohn Knox and the ReformationN/A
HistoryMüller-WorksLife and Select Works of George MüllerN/A
HistoryBible History OTBible History: Old Testament (Edersheim)4.99
HistoryPocket History of ChurchIVP: Pocket History of the Church9.90
HistoryPocket Theology HistoryIVP: Pocket History of Theology9.90
HistoryFathers-ScriptureReading Scripture with the Church Fathers (Hall)15.90
HistoryFathers-TheologyLearning Theology with the Church Fathers19.90
HistoryFathers-WorshipWorshiping with the Church Fathers19.90
HistoryFaithful PreacherFaithful Preacher, The (Anyabwile)12.90
HistoryKaiser-HistoryHistory of Israel, A34.90
TheologyAncient DoctrineAncient Christian Doctrine (5 Volumes)199.00
TheologyBook of ConcordBook of Concord49.90
TheologyC. Catechism-ECatholic Catechism EnglishN/A
TheologyC. Catechism-LCatholic Catechism LatinN/A
TheologyCanon Law-ECatholic Code of Canon Law in EnglishN/A
TheologyCanon Law-LCatholic Code of Canon Law in LatinN/A
TheologyCouncil of TrentCouncil of TrentN/A
TheologyOrder of MassOrder of the MassN/A
TheologyVatican IVatican I EnglishN/A
TheologyVatican II-EVatican II EnglishN/A
TheologyVatican II-LVatican II LatinN/A
TheologyBaptism-3 ViewsIVP: Baptism: Three Views (Spectrum Multiview Series)16.90
TheologyBerkhof-TheologySystematic Theology (Louis Berkhof)29.90
TheologyBoettner-PredestinationReformed Doctrine of PredestinationN/A
TheologyFinney-TheologyFinney’s Lectures on Systematic TheologyN/A
TheologyInstitutesCalvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (Beveridge)N/A
TheologyLutherSelect Works of Martin LutherN/A
TheologyReformed FaithReformed Faith, The (Robert Shaw)N/A
TheologySchaff-CreedsCreeds of ChristendomN/A
TheologySchmid-TheologyDoctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran ChurchN/A
TheologySumma TheologicaSumma Theologica (Aquinas)N/A
TheologyTheologiaTheologia GermanicaN/A
TheologyWarfieldSelect Works of B. B. WarfieldN/A
TheologyChafer-TheologySystematic Theology (Lewis S. Chafer)139.00
TheologyBerkhof-DoctrineSummary of Christian Doctrine (Louis Berkhof)9.90
TheologyClarke-TheologySelect Theological Writings of Adam ClarkeN/A
TheologyGill-DivinityJohn Gill's Works on DivinityN/A
TheologyStrong-TheologySystematic Theology by Augustus H. StrongN/A
TheologyCreedsCreeds, Confessions, and CatechismsN/A
TheologyHolliday-HandbookBible Handbook, Theologically Arranged (Holliday)19.90
TheologyHodge-TheologySystematic Theology (Hodge)29.90
TheologyPocket ApologeticsIVP: Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics9.90
TheologyIndelible ImageIndelible Image, The (Two Volumes) (Witherington)79.90
TheologyNew TheologiansA Little Book for New Theologians13.90
TheologyGoldingay-Theology IsaiahTheology of the Book of Isaiah, The (Goldingay)14.90
TheologyHorton-Bible DoctrinesBible Doctrines19.90
TheologyHorton-Holy SpiritWhat the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit, Revised19.90
TheologyHorton-TheologySystematic Theology, Revised (Stanley Horton)36.90
TheologyLiberating Black TheologyLiberating Black Theology14.90
TheologyOlson-Arminian TheologyArminian Theology: Myths & Realities (Olson)23.90
TheologyOlson-Christian TheologyStory of Christian Theology, The (Olson)35.90
TheologyOlson-Modern TheologyJourney of Modern Theology, The (Olson)31.90
TheologyOlson-MosaicMosaic of Christian Belief (Olson)26.90
TheologyOne Lord One FaithOne Lord One Faith39.90
TheologySproul-Chosen by GodChosen by God (Sproul)14.90
TheologySproul-Essential TruthsEssential Truths of the Christian Faith (Sproul)16.90
TheologySproul-Good QuestionNow, That’s a Good Question (Sproul)15.90
TheologySproul-Holiness of GodHoliness of God, The (Sproul)14.90
WritingsAtheism RemixAtheism Remix: A Christian Confronts the New Atheists (Mohler)11.90
WritingsCalvin-Tracts & LettersJohn Calvin: Tracts and Letters (7 volumes)129.00
WritingsCF-ANChurch Fathers — The Ante-Nicene Fathers (9 volumes)N/A
WritingsCF-NPN1Church Fathers — The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First Series (14 volumes)N/A
WritingsCF-NPN2Church Fathers — The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Second Series (14 volumes)N/A
WritingsAthanasiusOn the Incarnation of the Word by St. Athanasius9.90
WritingsBaxterSelect Works of Richard BaxterN/A
WritingsEdwardsWorks of Jonathan EdwardsN/A
WritingsMeyer-WorksSelected Works of F. B. MeyerN/A
WritingsMiltonSelected Works of John MiltonN/A
WritingsMurray-WorksSelected Works of Andrew MurrayN/A
WritingsOwen-WorksSelect Works of John OwenN/A
WritingsPenseesPascal’s Pensées (by Blaise Pascal)9.90
WritingsPink-WorksSelect Works of A. W. PinkN/A
WritingsTraining of 12Training of the Twelve9.90
WritingsWesleysSelected Works of John and Charles WesleyN/A
WritingsWhitefieldSelected Works of WhitefieldN/A
WritingsAlexander-EthicsChristianity and EthicsN/A
WritingsBonarGod’s Way of Peace by Horatius BonarN/A
WritingsE. M. BoundsSelected Works on Prayer by E. M. BoundsN/A
WritingsEvidencesEvidences of Christianity by William PaleyN/A
WritingsTischendorf-GospelsTischendorf on the GospelsN/A
WritingsBunyanSelect Works of John BunyanN/A
WritingsGordon-Quiet TalksQuiet Talks (S. D. Gordon)N/A
WritingsMoody-WorksSelected Works of D. L. MoodyN/A
WritingsSchool of CalvarySchool of Calvary, The (J. H. Jowett)N/A
WritingsScougalLife of God in the Soul of ManN/A
WritingsSecretChristian's Secret of a Happy LifeN/A
WritingsSpurgeon-CommentingCommenting and CommentariesN/A
WritingsTozer-PursuitPursuit of God, The (A. W. Tozer)N/A
WritingsEdersheim-Jewish NationHistory of the Jewish Nation after the Destruction of Jerusalem under Titus (Edersheim)4.99
WritingsEdersheim-ProphecyProphecy and History in Relation to the Messiah (Edersheim)0
WritingsLife & TimesLife and Times of Jesus the Messiah (Edersheim)0
WritingsSketchesSketches of Jewish Life (Edersheim)0
WritingsTempleTemple, The (Alfred Edersheim)4.99
WritingsExperiencing GodExperiencing God, 15th Anniversary Edition29.90
WritingsMachen-WorksSelect Works of J. Gresham Machen14.90
WritingsPacker-EvangelismEvangelism and the Sovereignty of God (Packer)14.90
WritingsSpurgeon-SermonsSpurgeon Sermon Collection – 63 Volumes79.90
WritingsCreation & CourtsCreation and the Courts (Norman Geisler)16.90
WritingsDake-Another TimeAnother Time…Another Place…Another ManN/A
WritingsDake-God's PlanGod's Plan for ManN/A
WritingsDake-Heavenly HostsHeavenly HostsN/A
WritingsDake-RaptureRapture and the Second Coming of Christ, TheN/A
WritingsDake-UnmaskedBible Truths UnmaskedN/A
WritingsExperiencing TruthExperiencing the Truth (Carter)9.90
WritingsHughes-DisciplinesDisciplines of a Godly Man14.90
WritingsJones-Abundant LivingAbundant Living: 364 Daily Devotions (E. Stanley Jones)15.90
WritingsJones-The WayThe Way: 364 Daily Devotions (E. Stanley Jones)16.90
WritingsJones-Victorious LivingVictorious Living (E. Stanley Jones)15.90
WritingsJones-Word Became FleshWord Became Flesh: 364 Daily Devotions (E. Stanley Jones)17.90
WritingsMLJ-GenesisThe Gospel in Genesis (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)N/A
WritingsMLJ-HeartLet Not Your Heart Be Troubled (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)N/A
WritingsMLJ-KingdomThe Kingdom of God (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)N/A
WritingsMLJ-WarWhy Does God Allow War? (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)N/A
WritingsMLJ-ActsActs (Chapters 1-8) (Martyn Lloyd-Jones)69.90
WritingsNTW-Evil & JusticeEvil and the Justice of God (N.T. Wright)17.90
WritingsNTW-JustificationJustification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision (N.T. Wright)19.90
WritingsNothing But TruthNothing But the Truth11.90
WritingsPiper SermonsJohn Piper Sermon Manuscript Library 1980 to April 201029.90
WritingsRule of St. BenedictThe Holy Rule of Saint Benedict9.90
WritingsSproul-IdeasConsequences of Ideas, The (Sproul)12.90
PracticalApplication HandbookHandbook of Bible Application (2nd Edition)24.90
PracticalBible Study GuideGuide to Bible Study by J. W. McGarveyN/A
PracticalGetting StartedGetting Started with AccordanceN/A
PracticalHappy Though MarriedHow to Be Happy Though Married19.90
PracticalHandfuls On PurposeHandfuls on Purpose99.90
PracticalReid-EvangelismIntroduction to Evangelism17.90
PracticalThompson KidsThompson KidsN/A
ParallelsEpistlesEpistles Parallel (not for Mobile)N/A
ParallelsGospelsGospel Synopsis Parallel (not for Mobile)N/A
ParallelsHarmonyGospel Harmony Parallel (not for Mobile)N/A
ParallelsOT in NTOld Testament in New Testament Parallel (not for Mobile)N/A
ParallelsOld TestamentOld Testament Parallel (not for Mobile)N/A
ParallelsQ (Sayings)Q (Sayings) Parallel (not for Mobile)N/A
ParallelsSynopticsSynoptic Gospels Parallel (not for Mobile)N/A
Greek BiblesGNT-TRSGreek New Testament (Textus Receptus) with Strong's19.90
Greek BiblesGNT-DEMODemo of Greek NT (fully tagged Matthew 1-3)N/A
Greek LexiconsGreek Strong'sStrong's Greek DictionaryN/A
Greek LexiconsMounce Greek DictionaryMounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New TestamentN/A
Greek LexiconsNAS GreekNAS Greek DictionaryN/A
Greek Study ToolsGreek ParsingParsing Guide to the Greek Text of the KJV9.99
Greek Study ToolsDeissmann-Ancient EastLight from the Ancient East49.90
Hebrew BiblesHMT-DEMODemo of Hebrew Bible (fully tagged Genesis 1-3)N/A
Hebrew LexiconsHebrew Strong'sStrong’s Hebrew DictionaryN/A
Hebrew LexiconsKM Hebrew DictionaryKohlenberger/Mounce Concise Hebrew-Aramaic DictionaryN/A
Hebrew LexiconsNAS HebrewNAS Hebrew DictionaryN/A
Semitic Study ToolsVerbs-HebrewWigram’s Hebrew Verb Parsings9.99
Rabbinic Study ToolsJPS HaggadahJPS Commentary on the Haggadah39.90
International BiblesCUVS-TRADChinese Union Version with Strong’s Numbers, Traditional and Simplified19.90
International BiblesNKRVKorean Bible: New Korean Revised Version (with Notes)19.90
International BiblesALMEIDAPortuguese Bible: João Ferreira De Almeida AtualizadaN/A
International BiblesCEI2008Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 2008N/A
International BiblesCEI74Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 1974N/A
International BiblesELBER05German Elberfelder 1905N/A
International BiblesLSGFrench: Louis Segond BibleN/A
International BiblesLUTH12German Lutherbibel 1912N/A
International BiblesRVR09SSpanish 1909 Reina Valera with Strong’s numbersN/A
International BiblesVDC2014Romanian: Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu 2014N/A
International BiblesLBLASpanish La Biblia de las AméricasN/A
International BiblesNBLHSpanish: Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de HoyN/A
International BiblesNO11-BNorwegian Bibel 2011 (Bokmål and Nynorsk) with Notes and Glossary19.90
Accessory ModulesCEV NotesCEV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesCatholic LectionaryCatholic Study Bible (3rd Edition) LectionaryN/A
Accessory ModulesCatholic SB-3 RGCatholic Study Bible (3rd Edition) Reading GuideN/A
Accessory ModulesBCP Daily Office 1Book of Common Prayer (1979) Daily Reading Lectionary Year 1N/A
Accessory ModulesBCP Daily Office 2Book of Common Prayer (1979) Daily Reading Lectionary Year 2N/A
Accessory ModulesCSB17 NotesCSB17 NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesWEBSTR IntroWEBSTR IntroN/A
Accessory ModulesERV NotesERV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesGWORD DictionaryGod's Word Translation – DictionaryN/A
Accessory ModulesGWORD NotesGWORD NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesESV NotesESV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNKRV NotesNKRV NotesN/A
Accessory Modules13-AccAccordance Software Version 13N/A
Accessory ModulesASV NotesASV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesBBE IntroBBE IntroN/A
Accessory ModulesCEI2008 NoteItalian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 2008 NoteN/A
Accessory ModulesCEI2008-2Italian: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana 2008 (Parallel)N/A
Accessory ModulesKeener-ContextoThe Bible in Its Context: How to Improve Your Study of the Scriptures (Spanish)N/A
Accessory ModulesVDC2014 NoteRomanian: Versiunea Dumitru Cornilescu 2014 NoteN/A
Accessory ModulesWEB NotesWEB NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesHCSB SB Reading PlanHCSB Study Bible Reading PlanN/A
Accessory ModulesLife App SB ReadingsLife App SB ReadingsN/A
Accessory ModulesMessage NotesMessage NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNABRE NotesNABRE NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesLBLA NotesSpanish La Biblia de las Américas (Notas)N/A
Accessory ModulesNBLH NotesSpanish: Nueva Biblia de las Américas (Notas)N/A
Accessory ModulesNIV11 NotesNIV11 NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNKJV NotesNKJV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNLT-SE NotesNLT-SE NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesFire Bible CM ConnectionsFire Bible Campus Ministry ConnectionsN/A
Accessory ModulesFire Bible ThemefinderFire Bible ThemefinderN/A
Accessory ModulesNO11-B NoterNO11-B NoterN/A
Accessory ModulesNO11-B OrdforklaringerNO11-B OrdforklaringerN/A
Accessory ModulesNO11-NNO11-NN/A
Accessory ModulesNO11-N NotarNO11-N NotarN/A
Accessory ModulesNO11-N OrdforklaringarNO11-N OrdforklaringarN/A
Accessory ModulesNRSV NotesNRSV NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNRSV2NRSV2N/A
Accessory ModulesNRSV2 NotesNRSV2 NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesOxford Commentary 2Oxford Bible Commentary (Parallels)N/A
Accessory ModulesREBAREBAN/A
Accessory ModulesRSVARSVAN/A
Accessory ModulesSB NotesSB NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesESV SB Reading PlanESV SB Reading PlanN/A
Accessory ModulesGTB Reading PlanGospel Transformation Bible Reading PlanN/A
Accessory ModulesIVP-NTC NotesIVP New Testament Commentary Series NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesJPS NotesJPS NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesNLT SB CrossrefsNLT SB CrossrefsN/A
Accessory ModulesNLT SB DictionaryNLT SB DictionaryN/A
Accessory ModulesParashotParashotN/A
Accessory ModulesRHSB ReadingsRHSB ReadingsN/A
Accessory ModulesTLB NotesTLB NotesN/A
Accessory ModulesTLB Reading PlanTLB Reading PlanN/A
Accessory ModulesTMC-ETorah Modern Commentary: English translationN/A
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