Hard Sayings of the Bible / January 01, 1996

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Are you grappling with a difficult verse in the Bible? And are you looking for a short, easy-to-read answer that really makes sense without explaining away the verse?

Hard Sayings of the Bible is the handy reference book you need. Here you will find explanations of over 500 of the most troubling verses to test the minds and hearts of Bible readers. Four seasoned scholars, all with a notable gift for communicating with people in the pew, take you behind the scenes to find succinct solutions to a wide variety of Bible difficulties, ranging from discrepancies about numbers to questions about God’s justice.

Historical, cultural and linguistic backgrounds shed light on these passages and not only help explain what they meant in biblical times but also show how they are relevant today.

Now carefully cross-referenced with over 100 new verses explained, as well as a dozen new introductory articles on chronology, miracles, archaeology, prophecy and more, Hard Sayings of the Bible offers the combined resources of five previous volumes that have over 250,000 copies in print.

If you find yourself tied up in scriptural knots, here’s the book that will help you cut through them.

This one-volume edition comprises five separate volumes from the Hard Sayings series, all reedited for this volume, along with new material created exclusively for this edition:

  • The Hard Sayings of Jesus – F. F. Bruce (1983)
  • Hard Sayings of the Old Testament – Walter C. Kaiser Jr. (1988)
  • Hard Sayings of Paul – Manfred T. Brauch (1989)
  • More Hard Sayings of the New Testament – Peter H. Davids (1991)
  • More Hard Sayings of the Old Testament – Walter C. Kaiser Jr. (1992)

7/10/14 Update: The 2.0 update adds page numbers.

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