Hermeneia OT Commentary Bundle (22 Volumes)

Retail: $1,447.00 / Accordance: $499.00

Requires Accordance 11.2 or above.

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Hermeneia—A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible:
Unique, authoritative, and indispensable, the Hermeneia series from Augsburg Fortress has in a generation produced many of the most influential and informative commentaries on the Bible in the English language.

This edition includes 22 Old Testament published volumes, with a print value of over $1,400. For convenience of use, the volumes are divided into 3 modules, which are all included in the price of the set. Modules included:

  • Old Testament Volumes
    • HermeneiaOT-19 – 19 Old Testament volumes
    • Hermeniea OT2 – Parallel Old Testament volume
    • Hermeniea2 PS – Pseudepigrapha

Advanced Accordance features enable any scholar or teacher to:

  • navigate and search the text of all Hermeneia volumes
  • move seamlessly and accurately between Hermeneia and any other Accordance resources
  • view the commentary in parallel with any Bible texts.

For even more information on this series and individual volumes, see this Article, this podcast, and this blog post on Hermeneia.

Also available: Hermeneia OT/NT 51-volume Set and Hermeneia New Testament Set.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Commentary VolumesHermeneia OT-19Hermeneia Commentary – Old Testament (19 vols)N/A
Commentary VolumesHermeneia OT2Hermeneia—Old Testament (Parallel volumes)N/A
Commentary VolumesHermeneia2 PSHermeneia2-PseudepigraphaN/A

Where to Find

Hermeneia OT Commentary Bundle (22 Volumes) is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster1119English Master Collection (Accordance 13) (November 2019)36999.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster0420English Master Collection (Accordance 13) (April 2020)37499.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster0720English Master Collection (July 2020)42568
CommentariesHermeneiaOTNT_51Hermeneia Commentary OT/NT Bundle (51 Volumes)929.00
CommentariesHermeneia51up43UPGRADE to Hermeneia OT/NT (51 Volumes) from Hermeneia OT/NT (43 Volumes)279.00
CommentariesHermeneia51up48UPGRADE to Hermeneia OT/NT (51 Volumes) from Hermeneia OT/NT (48 Volumes)99.90
CommentariesHermeneia51up49UPGRADE to Hermeneia OT/NT (51 Volumes) from Hermeneia OT/NT (49 Volumes)69.90


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