Hippolytus of Rome, Selected Works (Tagged Greek, English, Notes)

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  • Fragments on the Interpretation of Daniel
  • On Christ and Antichrist
  • Against the Jews
  • Against Plato on the Cause of the Universe
  • Against Noetus

Formatted to run in parallel with the English translation which is included with the purchase of this module. The Notes file is also included.

About This Text:
Based on J.P. Migne, ed. Patrologiae Graecae, Volume X (1857). In the public domain. Morphologically tagged by Rex A. Koivisto.

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English Non-Biblical TextHIPPOL-EHippolytus of Rome, Selected Works (English)
Accessory ModulesHIPPOL NotesHippolytus of Rome, Selected Works (Notes)


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