How to Master the English Bible (James Gray)

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Dr. Gray’s guide to understanding the Bible has been recommended by many Christian preachers and teachers alike as a jewel, a timeless classic. Dr. James Gray, past president of Moody Bible Institute, urged all to get back to the Bible and provides a practical tool for mastering His Word.

This is a short read, but so very practical.

“As a young seminary student, someone gave me a copy of How to Master the English Bible. I remember the impact it had on me as a theological student. As I read it again recently I felt the same urging in my spirit to continue reading the books of the Bible. We need the emphasis of James M. Gray in our churches today. I heartily recommend this book to all who love the Word of God.” — Dr. David Jeremiah, President, Turning Point

How to Master the English Bible
An Experience, a Method, a Result, an Illustration
• Author: James Gray
• Text of 1907 version published by Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier

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