Exploring the Mind & Heart of the Prince of Preachers

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Quotations of Charles H. Spurgeon, compiled and edited by Kerry Allen.

“Spurgeon was the master of the pithy quote. In fact, no author I have ever read is as quotable as Spurgeon. His published sermons as well as his books are a fertile source for ideas, expressions, illustrations, and axioms that help make biblical truth clear. I have on my shelves several anthologies of Spurgeon quotations. But none is as exhaustive, as carefully assembled, or as useful as this massive collection.…”—From the foreword by Dr. John MacArthur

Exploring the Mind and Heart of the Prince of Preachers is a compendium of over 5,000 illustrations and anecdotes sorted under more than 1,000 topical headings drawn from the sermons and writings of the most prolific Christian writer of all time.

Note the following features that this book contains:

  • Over 5,000 illustrations (more than double the previous effort of which we are aware), all original and unabridged.
  • Quotes drawn from Spurgeon’s written works as well as his spoken words. This includes the entire 63 volume Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit series as well as 30 additional books he wrote.
  • Over 1,000 headings and sub-topics.
  • A synonym grouping appendix with forty-four main headings making searching for related synonymous illustrations easier.
  • Two books in one, with Section One containing material of general interest and Section Two containing material of special interest to preachers, teachers, and ministry leaders. A third section with salvation illustrations and anecdotes is also included.
  • A blend of one-liners, longer anecdotes, and extended illustrations. Most other books of quotes were only one of these formats.
  • An extensive system of referencing the source materials for additional reading and study from the original writings.

Whether layman or preacher of the Word, you will enjoy this book and find it a helpful tool for many years to come. There is something for everyone in this book: from wise counsel to heart-warming devotional reading; from pungent illustrations to piercing rebukes; from maxims to live by to warnings to heed.

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Exploring the Mind and Heart of the Prince of Preachers
Five Thousand Quotations, Illustrations, and Axioms by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
• Editor: Kerry James Allen
• Publisher: Fox River Press (2005)

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