IVP Pocket Dictionaries Bundle (15 Works)

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It doesn’t matter who you are—at some point, you need a quick definition for a biblical, theological or original language term. Or sometimes, you need an overview of a particular topic. Need to brush up on the classic arguments for God? There’s a handbook for that. What about a theological movement or era of church history? Absolutely! In fact, if you need a refresher on 2,000 years of church history, you could brush up over the weekend.

Accordance users have had access to some of the IVP Pocket Reference Series for a while, but only now have we offered the entire 15-volume set.

Every title is available individually or in a bundle of all 15 titles. Eleven (11) of these titles are pocket dictionaries containing succinct definitions over the following topics: Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion, Biblical Studies, Church History, North American Denominations, Ethics, Biblical Hebrew Terms, Biblical Greek Terms, Liturgy & Worship, New Religious Movements, Reformed Tradition, and Theological Terms. All together, these 11 volumes provide concise definitions for over 6,600 terms, right at your fingertips.

The other four volumes serve as concise overviews or handbooks for History of Theology, Christian Apologetics, Church History, and World Religions.

These types of resources should not be mistaken as tools for in-depth study of any subject, but they are indispensable for quick reference or as a first stop for basic understanding before pursuing a subject more in-depth.


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IVP Pocket Dictionaries Bundle (15 Works) is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsColl12-Starter-EnglishStarter Collection 12 – English Specialty99.90
Primary CollectionsColl13-Starter-EnglishStarter Collection – English Specialty44.95
Primary CollectionsColl13-Starter-TripleStarter Collection 14 – Triple: Combined English, Greek, and Hebrew Specialty Starters112.00
Primary BundlesColl12-Starter-EngPGSpecial English Starter Collection 12 with PhotoGuide138.00
Collection BundlesMinistry Foundation CollectionMinistry Foundations Collection300.00


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