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The classic English translation authorized by King James I of England, the King James Version is known for its majesty of style and poetic rhythms. The Apocrypha is included as a separate module on the Library, Scholar’s, Bible Reference, and TJL CD-ROMs.

Where to Find

King James Version is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsSCH7.0 CoreSCH7.0 Core249.00
Primary CollectionsSCH7.1 CoreSCH7.1 Core249.00
Primary CollectionsSCH7.4 CoreScholar’s Collection 7.4 CD-ROM Core Bundle249.00
Primary CollectionsNIV-CNIV Study Bible Complete Library for Macintosh® CD-ROM129.00
Primary CollectionsSCH7.4 CD setScholar’s Collection 7.4 CD-ROM set only15.00
Primary CollectionsStarterStarter Collection v. 8N/A
Graphic ResourcesGraphics DVDGraphics DVD15.00
Graphic ResourcesGraphics 2 DVDGraphics DVD (without unlock) Mac OS X15.00
Graphic Resourcesz-Atlas 2Bible Atlas Version 289.00
Photo CollectionsPhoto 2Bible Lands PhotoGuide CD-ROM V 269.00
Photo CollectionsBASBiblical World in Pictures CD-ROM149.00
Image Rich ToolsBARBiblical Archaeology Review Archive CD-ROM124.99
English StudiesEerdRef2Eerdmans Reference CD-ROM release 210.00
English StudiesWBC-CDWord Biblical Commentary CD-ROM1199.00
English StudiesZondRef2 DVDZondervan Reference 2 DVD15.00
English StudiesEssential ZBSSZondervan Essential Bible Study Suite for Macintosh® CD-ROM69.00
English StudiesCOS CD-ROMContext of Scripture CD-ROM199.00
English StudiesTJL1-11Theological Journal Library DVD vol. 1-11440.00
English StudiesScholarly ZBSSZondervan Scholarly Bible Study Suite CD-ROM149.00
English StudiesThompson Chain CD-ROMThompson Chain-Reference Bible CD-ROM49.00
CommentariesEerdRef3Eerdmans Reference CD (With purchase of NIGTC or Pillar Commentary modules)10.00
Disk onlyHolman Reference CD-ROMHolman Reference CD-ROM10.00
Disk onlyBP-AmCol DVDDVD with purchase of Historic Views: Bible Places-American Colony10.00


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