Luther’s Works: The Christian in Society: Volumes 44-47 / June 01, 1966

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Luther’s Works, a monumental translation project published jointly by Fortress Press and Concordia Publishing House in 1957, is singular in its value to church historians, Luther scholars, and Christians. This truly exquisite offering will put Luther’s Works at the command of a few keystrokes and provide the reader with a Luther resource unrivaled in accessibility and convenience. Luther’s Works is indispensable for studies of Luther and invaluable for preachers.

Volumes 31-54 of Luther’s Works include Luther’s Reformation writings and occasional pieces.

Volumes included in this module:

  • Volume 44: The Christian in Society I (1966) – In the six documents contained in this volume Luther defends, expounds, and clarifies his views on what the Christian life is at rock bottom. As he treats the problems of marriage and parenthood, works and faith, the responsibilities of Church and State, vows and monasticism, confession and conscience, and the kind of life that is really good, the same fundamental theme emerges: the Christian life is a life of service, love, and involvement, not of isolation and withdrawal.
  • Volume 45: The Christian in Society II (1962)– In the eleven treatises comprising this volume, it is of extraordinary interest to note how the foremost exponent of evangelical ethics interprets the dictates of love in the concrete circumstances of his time. A Christian’s behavior is determined more by the situation in which he finds himself than by any fixed and final ethical formulations or codes of moral conduct.
  • Volume 46: The Christian in Society III (1967) – This volume contains eight significant works written between the Peasants War of 1525 and the Diet of Augsburg in 1530.
  • Volume 47: The Christian in Society IV (1971) – In these four treatises, written between 1530 and 1542, we see Luther wrestling with volatile aspects of the Christian’s ethical attitude toward the governing authorities, toward other Christians who appeared to be preaching incorrect doctrines, and toward the Jews.

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