LXX Rahlfs’ Tagged Text (LXX1 & 2) with Apparatus

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Since its first publication in 1935, Alfred Rahlfs’ Septuagint edition has provided an important basis for Septuagint research worldwide. To ensure that this will continue to be the case in the future, the internationally acclaimed Septuagint researcher, Robert Hanhart, has re-edited the German Bible Society’s reference edition of the Rahlfs-Septuagint. The Greek Bible text and the critical apparatus were corrected and supplemented in far more than a thousand individual places. As of now, the resulting “Editio altera” is the new definitive Septuagint reference edition. From now on, for any academic work performed on the Greek Old Testament, the following equation will apply: Septuagint = “Rahlfs-Hanhart”!

This product includes the fully tagged LXX1 text and the critical apparatus in a parallel reference tool, together with LXX2 and LXX2 Apparatus covering alternate versions of the text.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
Greek BiblesLXX1Greek Septuagint (Rahlfs) revised and tagged89.9
Greek GrammarsLXX GrammarGrammar of Septuagint Greek0
Greek ApparatusLXX ApparatusLXX Rahlfs’ Apparatus49.9
Accessory ModulesLXX2 ApparatusLXX2 Apparatus0
Accessory ModulesLXX2LXX20

Where to Find

LXX Rahlfs' Tagged Text (LXX1 & 2) with Apparatus is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsColl12-GreekProGreek Pro Collection (Accordance 12)999
Primary CollectionsColl13-GreekProGreek Pro Collection999
Primary BundlesSPP-GBSCSPP for GBSC0
Greek StudiesGesamtaus-2130Mac Studienbibel 2 – Gesamtausgabe Bundle from GBS0
Greek StudiesGesamtaus-site5-2230Mac Studienbibel 2 – Gesamtausgabe Bundle from GBS, site license for 5 users0
Greek StudiesGesamtaus-2174Mac Studienbibel 2 – Gesamtausgabe Bundle from GBS0
Greek StudiesGesamtaus-directMac Studienbibel 2 – Gesamtausgabe Bundle GBS (Direct sale)0
Greek StudiesGesamtausgabeMac Studienbibel 2 – Gesamtausgabe0
Greek add-on bundlesLXX Advanced add-on bundleLXX Advanced Studies Add-on Bundle209
Greek add-on bundlesStuttgart Scholarly add-onStuttgart Scholarly Add-on199
Academic BundlesAB-Amber1_12Academic Bundle Amber – Level 1 (Accordance 12)998
Academic BundlesAB-Amber1-Faculty_13Academic Bundle Amber – Level 1 (Faculty) (Accordance 13)1098
Academic BundlesAB-Amber1-Faculty_12Academic Bundle Amber – Level 1 (Faculty) (Accordance 12)1098
Academic BundlesAB-Amber-Greek InitAcademic Bundle Amber – Greek Initial Bundle (Accordance 12)660
Academic BundlesAB-Amber-Greek Init_13Academic Collection Amber – Greek Initial Bundle660
Academic BundlesAB-Amber-Greek Init_13-WProtected: Academic Collection Amber – Greek Initial Bundle (Fuller Edition, Accordance 13)330
Academic BundlesAB-Amber1_13Academic Collection Amber – Greek and Hebrew998
Academic BundlesAB-Amber1_13-WProtected: Academic Collection Amber – Greek and Hebrew (Fuller Edition, Accordance 13)539


  1. Petrus Janse van Rensburg

    Great resources.
    Searching is usually good.
    The TEXT command works very well when inserting only one word, but when searching for two words in the TEXT command, it does not work at all. E.g., if I search Rahlfs’ LXX for [HMT-W4 (=אבד, =אֹבֵד)], it complains about the brackets, and it does not work without the brackets either.
    The critical apparatus has explanations only in Latin, with no support for English.

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