Mentor Commentary OT / NT Bundle (22 Volumes)

Retail: $650.00 / Accordance: $389.00

Requires Accordance 10.4 or above.

There are many academic commentaries, but very few hold to as high view of Scripture as Mentor Commentaries do. This ongoing series, including volumes on both the Old and New Testaments, successfully refutes wilder departures from orthodoxy while appreciating and learning from the latest theological research. This unique combination allows the reader to see what recent scholarly research has discovered without losing sight of the inerrancy of scripture.

This bundle contains two modules: 18 volumes of the Old Testament (Mentor OT-18) and 4 volumes of the New Testament (Mentor NT-4).

Old Testament volumes included:

  • Exodus (John L. Mackay) (2001)
  • Leviticus (Robert I. Vasholz) (2007)
  • 1 and 2 Chronicles (Richard L. Pratt, Jr.) (1998)
  • Ezra / Nehemiah (Tiberius Rata) (2010)
  • Psalms Volume 1: Psalms 1-72 (Allan Harman) (2011)
  • Psalms Volume 2: Psalms 73-150 (Allan Harman) (2011)
  • Proverbs (John A. Kitchen) (2006)
  • Ecclesiastes (Richard P. Belcher, Jr.) (2017)
  • Isaiah Volume 1: Isaiah 1-27 (Paul R. House) (2018)
  • Isaiah Volume 2: Isaiah 28-66 (Paul R. House) (2018)
  • Jeremiah Volume 1: Jeremiah 1-20 (John L. Mackay) (2004)
  • Jeremiah Volume 2: Jeremiah 21-52 (John L. Mackay) (2004)
  • Lamentations (John L. Mackay) (2008)
  • Ezekiel Volume 1: Ezekiel 1-24 (John L. Mackay) (2018)
  • Ezekiel Volume 2: Ezekiel 25-48 (John L. Mackay) (2018)
  • Hosea (John L. Mackay) (2012)
  • Joel and Obadiah (Irvin A. Busenitz) (2003)
  • Amos (Gary V. Smith) (Revised/Expanded Edition: 1998)

New Testament volumes included:

  • Matthew Volume 1: Matthew 1-13 (J. Knox Chamblin) (2010)
  • Matthew Volume 2: Matthew 14-28 (J. Knox Chamblin) (2010)
  • Galatians (David B. McWilliams) (2009)
  • Philippians (Matthew S. Harmon) (2015)

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
CommentariesMentor NTC-4Mentor Commentary, A: New Testament (4 Volumes)N/A
CommentariesMentor OTC-18Mentor Commentary, A: Old Testament (18 Volumes)N/A

Where to Find

Mentor Commentary OT / NT Bundle (22 Volumes) is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster1119English Master Collection (Accordance 13) (November 2019)36999.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster0420English Master Collection (Accordance 13) (April 2020)37499.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngMaster0720English Master Collection (July 2020)42568


  1. (verified owner) Jonathan Taylor

    In my experience, there are far more exceptional NT commentary sets than there are OT sets; the Mentor Series is a true hidden gem in this regard. In my opinion, the OT commentaries rival the quality found in NICOT and NAC, offering in-depth insight along with a deep respect for God’s word. Therefore, I highly recommend this series if you’re looking to enhance and strengthen your OT studies of the scriptures.

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