Miracles and the Supernatural throughout Church History (Cooke): Remarkable Manifestations of the Holy Spirit From the First Century Until Today / November 03, 2020

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Miracles of the Past Preparing You for the Future

The Body of Christ is ordained to walk in the supernatural. That has always been the plan, and you have a part to play in the mercy, power, and love of God being demonstrated in the earth.

Despite claims that miracles ceased with the apostles, Jesus said that believers would do the same works He did and even greater works (John 14:12). From the book of Acts until today, the Spirit of God has demonstrated an enduring pattern of confirming the gospel through signs, wonders, and miracles. And today, the Holy Spirit desires to continue His pattern by empowering YOU.

In Miracles and the Supernatural Through Church History, author and teacher, Tony Cooke, uncovers the power of God revealed through the centuries to prepare you for the future. Discover the miraculous works of the Holy Spirit through individuals like Ignatius of Antioch, Tertullian, Basil of Caesarea, Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Charles Finney, and many more.

These accounts will energize you, teach you, and bolster your faith to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, moving in the same supernatural compassion and power that Jesus did as you carry His life-transforming message to the world around you.

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