New American Standard Bible (1977)

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Formerly included in the NIV Study Bible Complete Library.

This is an evangelical Protestant translation of the Bible that follows a more formal equivalence theory of translation. The resulting literal translation is designed to adhere as closely as possible to the wording and grammatical structure of the original Greek and Hebrew, while maintaining a readable English style. Copyright 1960-1988.

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New American Standard Bible (1977) is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsNIV-CNIV Study Bible Complete Library for Macintosh® CD-ROM129.00
English StudiesUABibUn3EBible Unlock CD-ROM 3 Unlock all English479.00
English StudiesUABibUn3Bible Unlock CD-ROM 3 Unlock all899.00
English BiblesNAS 2020 GroupNAS 2020 Group39.90
English BiblesNAS-GRNAS95 with Strong's Numbers Group39.90
English BiblesNAS GroupNAS Group39.90


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