New International Dictionary of the Christian Church: Second Edition / January 01, 1978

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Formerly included in the Scholarly Zondervan Bible Study Suite. Also available for individual purchase through Easy Install.

The New International Dictionary of the Christian Church contains more than 5,000 articles on people, events, organizations, denominations, and systems of doctrine which have been important in the history of the church. This comprehensive one-volume reference work traces the development of the Christian church through its first 2000 years. More than 180 scholars have contributed their expertise, incorporating recent research, archaeological discoveries, and specialized studies. Cross-references and bibliographies of significant works enhance this dictionary’s usefulness as a basic source book and study tool.

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  1. (verified owner) Ukfraser

    I couldn’t afford the full oxford dictionary so purchased the Oxford concise dictionary of the christian church second edition published in 2006 with over 5000 entries in 650 pages just after it was published and this has proved exceptionally useful for what i wanted.

    I was later given a copy of the original Oxford dictionary of the christian church Published in 1957 over 6000 entries detailed on 1500 pages. This has proved invaluable and has been my go to for many years now. (The 3rd edition of this was published in 1997 with 1750 pages and still has over 6000 entries but is prohibitively expensive so ive never suggested it for accordance and never been tempted to upgrade hence me getting the concise volume. )

    However, both oxford volumes live in my book room and i like using materials in one place on the ipad. I had bought the series of pocket dictionaries when i upgraded with the english starter but find them very weak on the church history and terminology. So i decided to get the new international dictionary while on offer as its a tenth of the price of the oxford publication. I am still getting to grips with it but it is very interesting whats included and whats been omitted.
    Inclusions, the new international dictionary is very good on people and there are lots of entries to people who have been influential throughout the last 2000 years together with important meetings and denominations and these entries certainly put it on a par with the oxford volumes.
    Where i have found the new international dictionary weak is on definitions relating to the physical building, for example choir just details the choristers and not the section of the church and while there is a definition of chapel there is nothing on chancel while chapter house is a sentence in chapter detailing the purpose of the group.
    The new international dictionary is also limited on the special days throughout the christian calendar. Some are listed but it is far from comprehensive. For example Quadragesima and Quinquagesima are both included but Guadete and Sexagesima are omitted.

    I am looking forward to spending more time with this volume. It is certainly good value with many of the articles being very detailed. I also like the way that the font can be configured so it fits in with my other tools and the ways that the articles have hyperlinks (unlike hard copies).

    It certainly has enough entries to be my go to though i suspect that for some of the liturgical or building terms, i will be forced to seek in other resources but it is certainly good value and worth getting.

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