NICNT: The Gospel of John, by J. Ramsey Michaels (2010) / January 01, 2010

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For more information, see this NICNT article and this review by Brian W. Davidson.

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In this detailed, elegantly written commentary J. Ramsey Michaels gives primary attention to the Gospel of John in its present form rather than to the sources or traditions behind it. Michaels examines both the Gospel’s literary character and its theological significance for the Christian community in its own time and through the ages. This landmark commentary — seventeen years in the making, reflecting fifty years of classroom teaching, and packed with fresh insights — will prove highly useful to scholars, students, and, especially, pastors.

“Here is a substantial, truly original exposition of extraordinary insight and helpfulness to pastor and scholar alike, which should have a considerable life span after both the author and editor have gone to their eternal reward.”
— Gordon D. Fee (from editor’s preface)

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  1. Juho Unix Mikael Stromsürd Cyklist

    The very best Gospel of John commentary, all categories. You don’t need anything else for the Gospel of John. I’ve had an intense interest for the Gospel of John for many Years, and am well-acquainted with with what kind of commentaries there are out there. This commentary is written in a readable manner and is from 2010. A general rule I have, is that I don’t recommend most commentaries that are 17+ Years old and especially for the New Testament I don’t recommed collecting and reading dated commentaries; but this one will not need to be repaced later. Now is the Year 2024, Month of April.

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