NIV Application Commentary: Psalms Volume 2 (W. Dennis Tucker Jr. & Jamie A. Grant) / September 04, 2018

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Perhaps more clearly than any other part of the biblical canon, the Psalms are human words directed toward God. Yet, through the Holy Spirit, these honest, sometimes brutal words return to us as the Word of God. Their agonies and exaltations reflect more than the human condition in which they were created. Within the context of the canonical Psalter, they become the source of divine guidance, challenge, confrontation, and comfort. It is possible, however, to miss-apply them. How can we use the Psalms in a way that faithfully connects God’s meaning in them and his intentions for them with our circumstances today.

In continuity with Gerald Wilson’s work in Psalms, Volume 1, Dennis Tucker and Jamie Grant reveal the links between the Bible and our present times. While they consider each psalm independently, they go much further, examining whole groups of psalms and, ultimately, the entire Psalter, seeking its purpose and use for the days of Hebrew temple worship through church history. In so doing, the authors open our eyes to ageless truths for our twenty-first-century lives.

About the Series
This unique series shows readers how to bring an ancient message into modern context. It explains not only what the Bible meant but also how it can speak powerfully today. Therefore, the NIV Application Commentary Series helps with both halves of the interpretative task: exegesis and theological application.

Additionally, the unique reader friendly format and the direct pinning of the entire series to the NIV, make it exceptionally easy for non-specialist readers to follow and learn from.

Commentary authors will, at times, work with the original languages but complete explanations are always given in non-specialist language; and they serve the exclusive function of further explicating the text at hand. The same approach is taken with all complex issues and interpretive matters. The focus is on learning and applying and every tool used by the commentators serves this end.

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