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The Rev. Frederick Brotherton Meyer, a contemporary and friend of D. L. Moody was a Baptist pastor and evangelist in England involved in ministry and inner city mission work on both sides of the Atlantic.

In a commentary/devotional style, Meyer picked one verse from every chapter in the Bible. The resulting commentary/devotional is Our Daily Homily, a 5-volume work. In his preface to the 5th volume, Meyer noted: “None of my books is dearer to me than this, or seems to contain more of my innermost thought; but at best it is only a handful of meal in the barrel, which may God multiply till He send rain on the earth.”

In writing this work, F. B. Meyer chose one verse from each chapter of the Bible and meditated upon it. The result was a five-volume set of devotional essays in the style of biblical commentary. The meditations themselves reflect their author’s deep respect for God, Scripture, and his readers as fellow Christians.

While Meyer’s collection includes 5 volumes that cover the entire Old Testament and New Testament, this module covers the Old Testament through Psalm 50 and all of the New Testament.

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Our Daily Homily
• Author: F. B. Meyer
Text of 1899 version published by Fleming H. Revell Company

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