Portable Seminary (2nd Edition): A Master’s Level Overview in One Volume / August 21, 2018

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Can’t afford the time or money needed for a seminary degree in biblical studies? Here’s the next best thing! David Horton’s updated and expanded masters-level overview features Bible surveys, systematic theology, church history, apologetics, Christian education, homiletics, and more. Your distinguished “faculty” includes John Stott, Haddon Robinson, Alister McGrath, Mark Noll, Timothy Keller, and others.

This introduction to a biblical studies degree is ideal for the layperson or anyone in vocational ministry who lacks the time or finances to attend classes, who lives where formal training is unavailable, or whose previous education is primarily secular. Study what you want, when you want. Also useful as a handy one-volume reference.

In The Portable Seminary you’ll study:

  • surveys of the Old and New Testaments
  • systematic theology
  • biblical languages
  • church history
  • missions
  • ethics
  • Christian education…and more

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