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A collection of A. W. Pink’s theological writings, including The Doctrine of Justification, The Godhood of God, The Law and the Saint, and The Sovereignty of God.

Arthur Walkington Pink was an English Christian evangelist and biblical scholar of the early 1900s known for his staunchly Calvinist and Puritan-like teachings.  Unfortunately, Pink was not very well-known while he was alive and his writings were not widely distributed until they were republished after his death.  Biographer Iain Murray observes of Pink, “the widespread circulation of his writings after his death made him one of the most influential evangelical authors in the second half of the twentieth century.” His writings sparked a revival of expository preaching and focused readers’ hearts on biblical living.

This module includes the following writings:

  • The Doctrine of Justification – During the Reformation, the doctrine of justification was considered a distinguishing factor in the division between Protestant and Catholic theology. In his book The Doctrine of Justification, Pink makes note of this division and proceeds to present a Protestant doctrine of justification–its meaning, basis, nature, sources, evidence.
  • The Godhood of God – Pink believes that Godhood is seen in creation, administration, the giving of scriptures, and salvation, and he writes a brief chapter on each aspect. This book is very short and easily understandable for readers of any level. The piece emphasizes God’s dominion over all other powers and things of the world, which is comforting to modern believers.
  • The Law and the Saint – Why has creation drifted so far away from the moral law which the Creator placed upon us? By expositing Scripture, Pink demonstrates the ways in which the moral law binds us as rational creatures and as Christians.
  • The Sovereignty of God (4th Edition) (1949): Originally written in 1918, The Sovereignty of God outlines the sovereignty of God from a Calvinist standpoint. He defines God’s sovereignty, and then explains how God’s sovereignty is characterized in creation and salvation. Then Pink discusses the relationship between God’s sovereignty and the human will. Finally, Pink describes the appropriate attitude Christians should take towards God’s sovereignty, and considers several difficulties that Christian may face in adopting this attitude.

Select Works of A. W. Pink
• Author: A. W. Pink

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