Classic II Group

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The group was previously included in a number of different Accordance Levels and Collections.

This group of over 35 works includes background resources, theological works, commentaries, and writings.

Included Modules

The following modules and groups are included when you purchase this package.

Category Code Title Price
English Non-Biblical TextAFL-EApostolic Fathers – Lightfoot (English translation)N/A
CommentariesCatena AureaCatena Aurea (The Golden Chain)N/A
CommentariesClarke's CommentaryAdam Clarke’s Commentary (6 volumes)N/A
CommentariesFourfold GospelCommentary on the GospelsN/A
CommentariesGospels (Lightfoot)Commentary on the Gospels from the Talmud and Hebraica9.90
CommentariesPeople's NTPeople’s New Testament (2 volumes)N/A
CommentariesProverbs (Spurgeon)Sermons on Proverbs (Spurgeon)N/A
CommentariesPsalms (Spurgeon)Treasury of David (Spurgeon)N/A
CommentariesWord PicturesWord Pictures in the New TestamentN/A
Biblical StudiesPaul the TravelerSt. Paul the Traveler and Roman CitizenN/A
HistoryBabylonian ReligionReligion of Babylonia and Assyria (Theophilus G. Pinches, LL.D)N/A
HistoryBulfinchBulfinch’s Mythology: The Age of FableN/A
HistorySt. PatrickSt. Patrick of IrelandN/A
HistoryTwelve CaesarsLives of the Twelve CaesarsN/A
TheologyBoettner-PredestinationReformed Doctrine of PredestinationN/A
TheologyFinney-TheologyFinney’s Lectures on Systematic TheologyN/A
TheologyInstitutesCalvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (Beveridge)N/A
TheologyLutherSelect Works of Martin LutherN/A
TheologyReformed FaithReformed Faith, The (Robert Shaw)N/A
TheologySchaff-CreedsCreeds of ChristendomN/A
TheologySchmid-TheologyDoctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran ChurchN/A
TheologySumma TheologicaSumma Theologica (Aquinas)N/A
TheologyTheologiaTheologia GermanicaN/A
TheologyWarfieldSelect Works of B. B. WarfieldN/A
WritingsAthanasiusOn the Incarnation of the Word by St. Athanasius9.90
WritingsBaxterSelect Works of Richard BaxterN/A
WritingsEdwardsWorks of Jonathan EdwardsN/A
WritingsMeyer-WorksSelected Works of F. B. MeyerN/A
WritingsMiltonSelected Works of John MiltonN/A
WritingsMurray-WorksSelected Works of Andrew MurrayN/A
WritingsOwen-WorksSelect Works of John OwenN/A
WritingsPenseesPascal’s Pensées (by Blaise Pascal)9.90
WritingsPink-WorksSelect Works of A. W. PinkN/A
WritingsTraining of 12Training of the Twelve9.90
WritingsWesleysSelected Works of John and Charles WesleyN/A
WritingsWhitefieldSelected Works of WhitefieldN/A

Where to Find

Classic II Group is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsColl12-EngProEnglish Pro Collection (Accordance 12)999.00
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Advanced_14Advanced Collection (Accordance 10)999.99
Primary CollectionsCollection11-AdvancedAdvanced Collection (Accordance 11)999.00
Primary CollectionsCollection10-AdvancedAdvanced Collection (Accordance 10)999.99
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Advanced_13Advanced Collection (Accordance 10)999.99
Primary CollectionsCollection11-UltimateUltimate Collection (Accordance 11)1999.00
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Ultimate_14Ultimate Collection (Accordance 10)1999.99
Primary CollectionsDev-Super_13Developing Countries Package – Super with Accordance 13199.00
Primary CollectionsDev-SuperDeveloping Countries Package – Super199.00
Primary CollectionsCollection10-Ultimate_13Ultimate Collection (Accordance 10)1999.99
Primary CollectionsCollection10-UltimateUltimate Collection (Accordance 10)1999.99
Primary CollectionsLib8-PLibrary 8 Premier Level299.00
Primary CollectionsLib9-PLibrary 9 Premier Level349.00
Primary CollectionsColl13-EngProEnglish Pro Collection689.40
Primary BundlesSPP-ICB11.12ICB Purchase 11.2012N/A
Primary BundlesSPP-ICB8.14ICB Purchase 8.2014N/A
Primary BundlesWS Crossover13Preacher/Teacher Reference Library Bundle (Previously the Wordsearch Crossover)749.50
Academic BundlesCollection11-Advanced_16Advanced Collection (Accordance 11)999.00
Academic BundlesCollection11-Ultimate_16Ultimate Collection (Accordance 11)1999.00
PC Primary LevelsPC-Lib9-PLibrary 9 Premier Level with disk for PC Emulator279.99


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