Sproul Collection of Four (4) Works from Tyndale

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This bundle contains four (4) works by R. C. Sproul offered by Tyndale Publishing.

  • Essential Truths of the Christian Faith (1992) – For those who yearn for a deeper walk in faith, their journey can begin here. Sproul expounds in clear and simple terms over one hundred major Christian doctrines. He offers readers a basic understanding of the Christian faith that will kindle a lifelong love for truth, which is foundational to maturity in Christ.
  • Now, That’s a Good Question (1996) – Answers to over 300 questions Sproul’s students have asked over the years. Topics include theology, apologetics, the Bible, philosophy, and personal and cultural ethics.
  • The Holiness of God (1998) – This classic can help you better understand the biblical picture of God’s awesome holiness and why it is so foundational to God-centered, God-honoring theology and Christian living.
  • Chosen by God (1986) – Dr. Sproul shows how election is entirely compatible with human freedom, dignity, and responsibility. One of Ligonier’s most significant and popular books, Chosen by God shows why all serious Christians cannot afford to ignore this important biblical doctrine, but instead should embrace God’s initiative in Salvation.

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Category Code Title Price
TheologySproul-Chosen by GodChosen by God (Sproul)14.90
TheologySproul-Essential TruthsEssential Truths of the Christian Faith (Sproul)16.90
TheologySproul-Good QuestionNow, That’s a Good Question (Sproul)15.90
TheologySproul-Holiness of GodHoliness of God, The (Sproul)14.90


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