Survey of the New Testament: Student Manual (5th Ed.) / January 01, 2018

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Jesus Christ is the Provider and Theme of the New Testament! The Old Testament was an agreement or covenant between God and the Israelites. They struggled and failed to keep the Law that He gave them. Year after year they sacrificed animals. These sacrifices pointed to Jesus, the Lamb of God. His blood is the basis of a new agreement between God and mankind (Matt. 26:28). Jesus is the living theme of each of the 27 books of the New Testament. We will guide you to fix your eyes on Him as you study each of these books. In the Gospels, you will explore the world Jesus walked in. You will discover that Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John each shared Jesus with a different group of readers. In Acts, you will see the risen Jesus still at work. Though He ascended to heaven, He continued to work through the Church by the Spirit. We will give you examples of miracles that the Spirit of Christ still does through the Spirit-filled Church today! In the 21 Epistles, you will learn to appreciate Jesus more than ever before. These interpret and apply the life and teachings of Christ. Photos, charts, maps, illustrations, and questions will help you understand the great themes of these letters. Finally, you will climb to the highest point of the New Testament. There, Revelation announces the return of the King of kings. You will worship Christ, Conqueror of the Antichrist and all evil.

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