Tanakh Parallels (not for Mobile)

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Same as OT Parallel.

A comprehensive set of the parallel passages in the Hebrew Bible. Over 400 parallel passages are mapped in this module.

The Accordance Parallel modules are designed to allow users to quickly view a side-by-side account of a single event given in two or more places in various scriptural references.

The parallel modules available in Accordance include: Epistles, Harmony of the Four Gospels, Old Testament, Old Testament Quotes in the New Testament, Synopsis of the Four Gospels, Q (“Sayings” Sources), Synoptic Gospels, and Tanakh.

Where to Find

Tanakh Parallels (not for Mobile) is included with the following packages

Category Code Title Price
Primary CollectionsJC5-AJewish Collection 5 CD-ROM-Advanced Level259.00
Primary CollectionsJC4-AJewish Collection 4 CD-ROM-Advanced Level259.00
Primary CollectionsJC6-AJewish Collection 6 Advanced Level299.00
Primary CollectionsUAJC4Jewish Collection 4- Unlock All509.00
Primary CollectionsUAJC5Jewish Collection 5- Unlock All545.00
Primary CollectionsUAJC6Jewish Collection 6 – Unlock All599.00
Primary CollectionsJC5-IJewish Collection 5 CD-ROM-Introductory Level89.00
Primary CollectionsJC4-IJewish Collection 4 CD-ROM-Introductory Level89.00
Primary CollectionsJC6-IJewish Collection 6 Introductory Level129.00
Hebrew add-on bundlesJewish Studies add-onJewish add-on for Biblical studies with JPS materials299.00
PC Primary LevelsPC-JC6-AJewish Collection 6 Advanced Level with disk for PC emulator239.99


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