Five Smooth Stones, The (McQuilkin): Essential Principles for Biblical Ministry / September 01, 2007

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Bemused by the constant rising and falling of new methodologies when he began a career in ministry over fifty years ago, university president Robertson McQuilkin has ever since committed his work to a core group of enduring ministry principles that he calls “the five smooth stones.”

In summary, these principles are: the Bible (making it the functional authority), the Congregation (aligning it with the biblical purposes), the Spirit (releasing his energizing power), the Plan of Redemption (the mission of every disciple), and the Lord Jesus (model of servant leadership).

While that outline may seem very obvious, one must ask why so many churches and other ministries fail somewhere along the way. Could it be a simple lack of commitment to relentlessly measure every effort by these key standards?

McQuilkin has witnessed the success of his method through five decades of dynamic service, from church planting to foreign missions to the academic arena. The Five Smooth Stones is his invitation to join in the deep reflection, honest evaluation, and courageous integration of each principle here in order to bless every aspect of your ministry.

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