The Gospel of John, The Letters of John: A Commentary (Vine) / December 15, 2022

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Christ is at the center of this study of the writings of the Apostle John. W.E. Vine’s commentary on John’s Gospel, for instance, is subtitled, “His Record of Christ”. Vine explains that John presents Christ as the Word, the Light, the Life, and the Sent One. And, he says, one of the purposes of John’s first epistle is to “set forth the truth relating to both the essential deity of Christ, and to His true humanity.” W.E. Vine presents Christ as seen through the eyes of the “Beloved Disciple.” This ebook is in three sections.

The first is “The Leading Themes of The Gospel of John.” “Christ is . . . presented to us in the grandeur of His eternal Deity, His distinct personality in the Godhead, His essential oneness with the Father, and His power as Creator and as the Giver of life.” Vine identifies nine themes and traces them throughout John’s Gospel.

The second section is a commentary on the fourth Gospel, showing how the Apostle unfolds the glories of Christ as the Son of God, eternally pre-existent, manifesting His undivided Godhood and manhood on earth, fulfilling the Father’s will even unto His expiatory death, and acquired glory after His resurrection. The purpose of John’s Gospel is that we may believe on Jesus, and, believing, we may have life eternal.

The third section is a commentary on the three letters written by the Apostle John. The text used in the commentaries is the English Revised Version (1881).
W.E. Vine “is honored far and wide as a scholarly and trusted exponent of the Scriptures,” said the editor of The Christian magazine. He has “unfolded the truth of our Lord’s Deity, Incarnation, and Atonement, as revealed through the Beloved Apostle, . . . these chapters are admirably designed to kindle devotion.”

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