The Pastor: His Qualifications and Duties (Harvey) / January 01, 1904

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A manual of ministerial advice from a distinguished 19th century Baptist pastor: “The nature and duties of the pastoral office form a subject of great practical moment. The thoughts suggested in this volume are largely results of the writer’s personal experience in the ministry and of his observation of pastoral work in our churches.”

About the Author

Born in Hulven England on November 27, 1821, Hezekiah Harvey was an ordained minister and professor of ecclesiastical history and theology. He graduated from Madison University in 1845 and the Hamilton Theological Seminary in 1847. After his ordination in Homer, New York, on August 30, 1849, he preached in both Homer and Hamilton. He began his career as a professor at the Hamilton Theological Seminary in 1857, and received a Doctor of Divinity from Colby College in 1862. After a life teaching and preaching in Hamilton, Harvey died there on June 28, 1893.

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