Thiselton’s Hermeneutics Set

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Anthony Thiselton’s name is synonymous with modern understanding of hermeneutics, the study of methods for interpreting the Bible. This bundle contains:

  • Hermeneutics: An Introduction: Thiselton surveys the history of interpretation including modern-day approaches such as liberation, feminist, reader-response, reception, and postmodern methods.
  • Horizons of Hermeneutics: A collection of essays relating to interpretation written in honor of Anthony Thiselton. These essays aim to consider, exemplify, and build upon Thiselton’s insights in philosophical hermeneutics and biblical studies, particularly in relation to Paul and his writings.

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Biblical StudiesHorizons in HermeneuticsHorizons in HermeneuticsN/A
Biblical StudiesThiselton-HermeneuticsHermeneutics: An IntroductionN/A

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