Hermeneutics: An Introduction / October 09, 2009

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Anthony Thiselton brings his encyclopedic knowledge of hermeneutics and his nearly four decades of teaching on the subject together to provide this splendid interdisciplinary textbook. After a thorough historical overview of hermeneutics, Thiselton moves into modern times with extensive analysis of scholarship from the mid-twentieth century, including liberation and feminist theologies, reader-response and reception theory, and postmodernism. No other text on hermeneutics covers the range of writers and subjects discussed in Thiselton’s Hermeneutics.

Thiselton examines interpretive methods from the Ancient World through Postcolonial Hermeneutics, from the basic concept of Hermeneutics, to American Postmodern perspectives on the discipline. Using his exceptional intellectual acumen and mastery of the field, Thiselton provides a comprehensive and unmatched introduction to the discipline.

Intended as a textbook, this book will greatly reward all students who make use of Thiselton’s expertise, but will also benefit anyone who wants to become oriented in this highly complex and evolving field.

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