AM 2.3 Topic Search The Reviews Are In: Accordance Mobile 2.3 Is a Hit!

This week we released Accordance Mobile 2.3 which brought exciting new features such as Slide Over, Split View, Spotlight Search, and support for the iPad Pro’s much larger screen.

This release is significant because it not only brought new features, it also created entirely new workflow strategies for using Accordance Mobile in professional contexts.

Since Monday, we’ve been blown away by the response of our users! Here is a sampling:

“Just a grateful shout out here for the iOS update. It has made my week. It’s hugely helpful to be able to speak with my notes on one side [and] English and Tagalog scrolling together on the other. Awesome. Totally transformative for my workflow.”

Arnold, Accordance Forums

“It’s worth buying an iPad Pro just to use this version of Accordance! Best iOS update ever!”

cmcintos, Accordance Forums

“Awesome update! [Accordance Mobile] is the most important app on my iPad, and I am constantly amazed at the kinds of searches I can perform on it. This latest update with the split screen makes it even more useful.”

dt0925, iTunes

“Love it! So easy to use, and so useful for mobile Bible study. Thank you for making the Audio Greek NT available to use on the app!”

Kakos 1992, iTunes

“Thank you! The mobile platform keeps maturing. Not only do the new features add great functionality, but the subtle tweaks to the interface make it look more polished. It may just be my excitement with the new features, but it seems snappier as well.”

Tony Lawrence, Accordance Forums

“Split Screen in [Accordance Mobile] is actually like being to able to have three iPad apps open at once.”

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones (@AbramKJ), Twitter

“Just a big thank you for the update that takes advantage of iOS9. It’s worth the wait, and I’m glad you diligently test your latest updates. […] I’m traveling to Sri Lanka next week to teach a course on Church History, so this update will definitely enable me to leave my [MacBook Air] at home and just take my iPad Pro.”

Andrew Mercer, Accordance Forums

“The iPad split screen multitasking feature is great for productivity. Love this new update.”

Robb Sky, iTunes


We’d love to hear from you in the comments as to what you think about our newest Accordance Mobile Release and how you’re using it in your research, Bible study, and sermon preparation.

For more information, be certain to check out the New Features in Accordance Mobile 2.3 webpage and a list of updates other features in v. 2.x.

If you’ve not discovered Accordance Mobile yet, click on the icon below to download your free copy. Fill out the registration form after downloading and receive a free Accordance Mobile Starter Collection.