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Book cover: Social Reading of the Old Testament, A (Brueggemann)

Social Reading of the Old Testament, A (Brueggemann)

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In this book, Walter Brueggemann raises a variety of contemporary and intriguing questions on the relation of society and text in the Old Testament, among them—the hidden agendas that underlie the making and reading of Scripture:

  • the conflictual tension in ancient Israel
  • the cry to God of the oppressed and God’s response
  • the political dimension of mercy
  • theodicy, violence, horses, and chariots.

Brueggemann opens to a variety of readers a compelling picture of subversive paradigm and social possibility in the Hebrew Bible.

From the Introduction:
Known primarily as an Old Testament theologian, and deservedly so, Walter Brueggemann has brought his theological pursuits together with a long-standing interest in social analysis in his interpretation of biblical texts. The two concerns—theological and sociological—are so thoroughly linked in his thinking and writing that chapters in this volume might well have been located in the earlier collection on Old Testament theology and vice versa.

A Social Reading of the Old Testament
Prophetic Approaches to Israel's Communal Life
Author: Walter Brueggemann
Editor: Patrick D. Miller
Publisher: Fortress Press (1994)

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