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Book cover: Four Gospels, One Jesus?: A Symbolic Reading (Third Edition) (Burridge)

Four Gospels, One Jesus?: A Symbolic Reading (Third Edition) (Burridge)

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New issue of a long-popular study illuminating the four canonical Gospels

In this modern classic, Richard Burridge offers an engaging introduction to the New Testament Gospels. Using the ancient visual symbols for the Gospels — human face, lion, ox, and eagle — Burridge presents a clear interpretation of each Gospel author's portrait of Jesus.

This new edition contains updated suggestions for further reading and a substantial new Afterword in which Burridge reflects personally on his book’s genesis, development, and positive reception over the years. Four Gospels, One Jesus? in this third edition will continue to be appreciated by teachers, students, pastors, and other readers wanting to understand Jesus more fully.

Four Gospels, One Jesus?: A Symbolic Reading
• Author: Richard A. Burridge
• Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans (2014)

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