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Book cover: Discourses on the Son of God (Gregory of Nazianzus) (Greek and English)

Discourses on the Son of God (Gregory of Nazianzus) (Greek and English)

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The Cappadocian Fathers, also traditionally known as the Three Cappadocians, are Basil the Great, Basil’s younger brother, Gregory of Nyssa, and a close friend, Gregory of Nazianzus (or Gregory the Theologian). They were bishops in Cappadocia (now central Turkey) in the fourth century. They, along with Athanasius the Great, laid the pattern for formulating the doctrines related to the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

Gregory’s writings consisted of a number of Orations, Letters, and Poems. However, his Five Theological Orations (#27-31) are the most perfect of his orations – they have won for him the title of “Theologian” (i.e. defender of the Godhead). They were delivered in 380 in Constantinople against the Eunomians and Macedonians. He treated of the existence, nature, attri­butes of God; unity of nature in the three Divine Persons; divinity of the Son; replies to objections; refutation of objec­tions against the divinity of the Holy Spirit.

This product contains Gregory’s two Discourses on the Son of God (Third Theological Oration–#29 and the Fourth Theological Oration–#30).

Formatted to run in parallel with the English translation which is included with the purchase of this module.

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