IVP Spectrum Multiview Books (13 Works)

Prod ID: IVP Views_13 / Pub. InterVarsity Press USA
Retail: $294.70 / Accordance: $269.00

Requires Accordance 11.1 or above.

An upgrade is available from the original 4-volume IVP Spectrum Multiview Bundle.

Spectrum Multiview Books from IVP Academic offer a range of viewpoints on academic topics about which Christians clearly disagree. The unique format, pioneered by IVP in 1977 with the publication of The Meaning of the Millennium, gives proponents of major positions an opportunity to make their case. Each of the other contributors then offers a brief response. Books in the series range in topic from theology to science, from practical ministry to philosophy. Spectrum books help Christians think more carefully about what they believe and appreciate more the perspectives of others.


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