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Book cover: IVP Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets

IVP Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets

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With the Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets, IVP’s Black Dictionary series completes its coverage of the Old Testament canonical books. A true compendium of recent scholarship, the volume includes 115 articles covering all aspects of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, the twelve “minor prophets” and Daniel. Each book’s historical, cultural, religious and literary background is thoroughly covered, alongside articles on interpretation history and critical method. Pastors, scholars and students will find this a deep resource for their Old Testament studies.

About the Series:
Unique among reference books on the Bible, the volumes of the IVP Bible Dictionary Series bridge the gap between scholars and those pastors, teachers, students and lay people desiring in-depth treatment of select topics in an accessible and summary format.

Articles cover traditional and contemporary topics, including cross-sectional themes, methods of interpretation, significant historical or cultural background, and each Old and New Testament book as a whole.

In part and in whole, the IVP Bible Dictionary Series presents the fruit of evangelical biblical scholarship at the intersection of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries--committed to the authority of Scripture, utilizing the best of critical methods, and maintaining dialog with contemporary research and challenges facing the church.

Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets
A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship
• Series: The IVP Bible Dictionary Series
• Editors: Mark J. Boda, J. Gordon McConville
• Publisher: InterVarsity Press (May 2012)

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