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Book cover: History of Israel, A (Walter Kaiser, Jr.)

History of Israel, A (Walter Kaiser, Jr.)

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In this newest examination of the ancient history of Israel, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. takes on the school of thought that considers the Bible irrelevant to the study of history. Beginning in the Patriarchal Age before the Exodus and continuing through the birth of Christ, this comprehensive work not only uses the Bible as a resource, but also supports the Scripture’s historical claims with ancient Eastern documents and archaeological evidence. Kaiser--bold and uncompromising--scrapes away the layers of time to discover the truth about the land and people of God.

The complete chronological history of Israel presents and explains:

  • Current approaches to the study of the history of Israel
  • Common fallacies found in modern secular historical study
  • The most convincing proofs for the historical authenticity of the Bible

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A History of Israel
From the Bronze Age Through the Jewish Wars
• Author: Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
• Publisher: Broadman & Holman Publishers (1997)

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