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Book cover: Ugaritic (Tagged, with English Translation and Notes)

Ugaritic (Tagged, with English Translation and Notes)

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Requires Accordance 11.1 or above and iOS 2.3 or above.

The transliterated text from the Cunchillos Ugaritic database is under preparation with full morphological tagging. An English translation is included together with introductory Notes. A detailed apparatus is also planned.

The initial release in January 2016 is a prototype module consisting only of the Ba’lu Myth. Further free updates will add more texts until the database is completed over a few years.

11/11/16 Update: The 2.0 update to UGAR-T and UGAR-E provides a complete Ba'al Cycle. The module UGAR Notes has also been added (Check Easy Install to receive new UGAR Notes file.)


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Ugaritic (Tagged, with English Translation and Notes) is included with the following packages:

All-in-All 0717
Ugaritic Bundle


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