Note: Although our 30%-off Promotion is now over, Switchers can still get a 20% discount on their first order when upgrading to Accordance from a competing platform. See our Switcher page for more information.

And right now we have an even better LIFEBOAT offer; see this blog post for details.

Through the end of March, we are offering you an unprecedented Switcher discount. If you’re coming from any other Bible software platform, take 40% off our Triple Discoverer Collection and/or 30% off any other regularly-priced Accordance Collection, bundle or individual title in our Library. This offer is good for the first two orders from Switchers made from now until the end of March 2018. Use coupon code LIFEBOAT when you place your order.

Check out the comments from users who made the switch 2 years ago.



Why So Frustrated?

Occasionally when I’m at a conference telling potential new users about Accordance Bible Software, I meet what I call “The Frustrated Brand X Bible Software User.” These are people who already use Brand X Bible Software and are unhappy with their decision for a variety of reasons such as slow performance, non-intuitive interfaces, and flashy features that look great in a demo but are of little use in practical contexts. Of course, these feelings of frustration tend to escalate after I show these users how awesome Accordance would be for their studies, sermon prep, or research.

BrandX Why Stay Frustrated?

Frustrated Brand X Bible Software Users often stick with Brand X for one simple reason: they’re already invested. When I talk to these users, they usually have the same kind of response: “Wow. I really wish I had seen Accordance before I bought Brand X, but now I’ve already spent the money. I simply don’t want to buy Bible software a second time.” But why would you stay with frustration? Why would you stay with a platform that takes more than it gives?

We understand the reluctance to change. We’ve tried to make things a bit easier with Crossgrade Discounts and Payment Plans that don’t burden a new user with a large percentage down at time of purchase. However, now we’re about to take it to the next level.

Solution: SwitchNow

Now is the time to switch to the best: Accordance Bible Software. And we’re going to make it easier than ever before.

Our normal Switcher Discount is 20% off an entire order including any Accordance 11 Collection and additional added titles. However, from now until the end of March, we’re upping that discount to 30% to help make the transition even easier. You won’t even have to give up your old software. Get the best in Accordance; and keep Brand X, sell it, give it away—whatever you decide.

30% Off Switcher Here’s what you need to do: check out our How to Buy page. You can apply your 30% Switcher discount immediately on any Collection and additional titles; but if you want to test Accordance out first, consider getting our Starter Collection or Original Language Starter Collection, both of which come with a 30-day refund if you’re not satisfied. Assuming you like what you see (and we believe you will), what you paid for either Starter Collection can be applied to one of the more robust Collections, along with the full 30% Switcher Discount. Use coupon code SwitchNow* and leave a note telling us which software package you own and approximately how much you paid for it.

And don’t forget the Crossgrade offers to make certain you get the same titles in your Accordance Library that you had in Brand X. We know it’s a big step, so consider one of our Payment Plans to ease the transition.

Frustration No More!

Afterwards, we’ll (figuratively) hold your hand as much as you need as you make your transition to Accordance. Take part in a free all-day Training Seminar. Sign up for any of our free one-hour webinars that we offer all week long. Take advantage of all of the ways we invest back in you with hundreds of instructional videos, podcasts, and more. See our Getting Started page for an overview of the many options for getting started with Accordance.

So, now is the time. Don’t be Frustrated Brand X Bible Software User—life’s too short. Switch to Accordance and say goodbye to those frustrations!

*Note: The Switcher Discount and use of coupon code SwitchNow can only be claimed by new users who have not previously purchased Accordance.