Teachers (and preachers, for that matter) will definitely want to take a look at this week’s new Accordance releases from B&H. We have a commentary, illustration resource, and a guide to pronouncing names and places. All three are available for introductory pricing for a limited time.

That’s Easy for You to Say: Your Quick Guide to Pronouncing Bible Names

This incredibly valuable resource from W. Murray Severance offers pronunciation for over 7,000 names in the Bible, including place names and names of God. Each name includes a phonetic spelling as well as an icon that lets you hear the pronunciation. Some entries have more than one suggested means of saying the name.

Will everyone agree with the pronunciations in this guide? Of course not. Disagreement was anticipated as stated in the introduction:

No two scholars in any field agree 100 percent. In fact, no two persons agree totally on any subject. Differences of opinion are a clear indication of individuality. People don’t think alike, speak alike, look alike, or do anything else exactly alike. The author of this guide recognizes that distinctiveness. He realizes that all of those seeking to pronounce biblical names or terms will not agree with the conclusions set forth in this book. It is a guide, not the final authority. Usage is! Britishers spell the same word differently from Americans. Southerners pronounce words unlike Westerners. Heritage, environment, era, and other factors influence the pronunciation of words in any language.

Most of these are Americanized pronunciations, but whether or not you agree with each particular entry, you will find the resource of tremendous value.

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Tip: In Preferences: Amplify, change your English Triple-Click Default to That’s Easy for You to Say. Then links to any applicable entries will appear under the Topics section.

That’s Easy for You to Say
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The Teacher’s Bible Commentary

Herschel H. Hobbs, Clyde T. Francisco, Landrum P. Leavell, Wayne E. Ward—growing up Southern Baptist, these were names I regularly saw in Sunday School literature, January Bible studies, and yearly doctrinal studies. These names appear among the 25 writers who contribute to The Teacher’s Bible Commentary, described as “a concise, thorough interpretation of the entire Bible designed especially for Sunday School teachers.”

When first released, The Teacher’s Bible Commentary was the first book of its kind ever prepared with the direct help of Sunday School teachers. This is one of several features that make this a distinctive work. It seeks to answer the actual questions that lay readers have about the meaning of the Bible.

For each section there is first a brief summary of the main content or purpose of the passage. This enables the reader to grasp the meaning of the whole passage quickly. Usually following this is a discussion of special points—problems in the meaning of particular words, concepts, events, customs, and so forth. Finally, for many passages, there is an application to Christian living today.

Teacher's Bible Commentary - iPad

Whether the contributors to this work are names that are familiar or ones you’re just discovering, The Teacher’s Bible Commentary will prove to be a valuable resource for helping communicate the message of the Bible to your sphere of influence.

The Teacher’s Bible Commentary
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My Favorite Illustrations

As mentioned above, Hershel H. Hobbs was a familiar name during my early Baptist years. He was an incredibly prolific writer, especially when it came to adult Bible study curriculum. He wrote his own commentary on the passages covered in the Baptist adult Sunday School literature, resulting in an additional (and extremely popular) resource to supplement the regular teaching guide. Many valued his quarterly commentary on the Bible so much that they didn’t even bother with the regular adult teachers guide and simply read Hobbs’ comments.

Every good teacher is known for providing memorable illustrations for whatever point is being made—this is a biblical principle if ever there was one! Herschel Hobbs was no exception. His commentary on Sunday School lessons were always rich with examples and illustrations of biblical principles. Back in a day before computers, many Sunday School teachers would save Hobbs’ illustrations on index cards and organize them by topic or Scripture reference.

My Favorite Illustrations (Hobbs) - Android

First published in 1990, My Favorite Illustrations collects the best of Herschel Hobbs’ teaching illustrations (anecdotes, quotations, and poems) from his many years of commenting on the Bible. Many works of these kind don’t age well, but as I read through a number of the entries in My Favorite Illustrations, I found them to have a familiar ring but with relevance to many events and situations in today’s world. Regardless of one’s faith tradition, this title will become an essential resource for anyone communicating biblical truth.

My Favorite Illustrations (Hobbs)
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