The previous Accordance Timeline was impressive, but the new Expanded Edition is truly unparalleled. Certainly there is an emphasis on biblical and religious history, but I don’t know of any tool like this, whether in Bible software or something else. And considering you can add your own events to the 3,000 items already in the Timeline, this becomes a dream tool for both the amateur and professional historian alike.

What’s new in the Accordance Timeline Expanded Edition?

  • the ability to amplify to the Timeline from a Scripture reference
  • more than 2,000 new items
  • descriptions of every item
  • a new Religious Leaders item category
  • 5 new regions (Africa, Arabia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and World)
  • 1,500 additional years of history (from the fall of Rome to the present day)
  • Church history (Catholic, Orthodox, Celtic, Nestorian, Protestant)
  • Jewish history (rabbis, writings, movements, and persecutions)
  • Islamic history (caliphates, scholars, writings, and warfare)
  • major manuscripts and Bible translations
  • James Ussher’s chronology of the Antediluvian Period
  • Accordance history!

Now, the Accordance Timeline Expanded Edition requires the just-released Accordance 13.1.2 for Windows or macOS. Also, it will not (yet) run on any of our mobile platforms. For a limited time, it is available for introductory discounted pricing and an upgrade from the first Accordance Timeline is available.

In June, David Lang, the primary designer and developer of the Accordance Timeline Expanded Edition gave a “first look” during one of our eAcademy sessions. Here is the video from that presentation.

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