[Editor’s Note: We recently welcomed David to our marketing team, and asked him to plunge right in writing a few blog posts as a newbie. This is the third in that series.]

Squared Accordance 11 logo When I installed Accordance 11 Essential Collection, I decided to try an experiment. I’m not a techie. Still, I wanted to find out how well and how quickly I could learn to use it on my own. Scary? Actually not. Here’s why…

First, it was easy to make the purchase.

Second, it was smooth to download and install.

Third, it was simply brilliant to use!

Fourth, each time I had a question about how to do something, I intuitively found the answer most of the time.

Fifth, I found answers to two questions by sending a quick query to customer service and support (more on them in a future post).

Sixth, I found the answer to another question by checking on the Accordance website.

Training seminar Seventh, while on the website, I discovered a plethora of training opportunities.

Why training?

I’m loving Accordance, but I have this nagging feeling that I’m not using it to my full potential, let alone to its potential!

The free training opportunities Accordance offers all users include:

  1. “Basics 1” online interactive training (take it and earn $10!)
  2. Many other interactive training webinars with Accordance staff
  3. “Lighting the Lamp” video podcasts by Accordance’s own Dr. J.
  4. One-day live (and lively!) seminars at conferences, colleges, etc.

Other free training resources include:

  1. Blog (for everyone from  veterans to newbies like me)
  2. Newsletter (free upgrades, new products, etc.)
  3. Documentation (user’s manual, fonts, etc.)
  4. Articles (English, Greek, Hebrew, graphics)
  5. Forums (hosted by Accordance)
  6. FAQs (8 search categories)
  7. Help (Mac, Windows, mobile)

A plethora of training opportunities, indeed!