Shepherd of Hermas leaf It seem like only yesterday–okay, technically, it was Monday–when we expanded the previously-titled New Testament Images Bundle to the Greek MSS Images by adding the LXX from Sinaiticus and 1 & 2 Clement from Alexandrinus.

With the ink seemingly still wet on the virtual vellum, we’ve turned around and added more content to the Greek MSS Images bundle at no additional charge. Now this set also includes the The Epistle of Barnabas and The Shepherd of Hermas from Sinaiticus. Moreover, external image links have been added to 1 & 2 Clement from Alexandrinus and the Greek New Testament from Codex Vaticanus.

For those who have purchased our Orthodox Greek New Testament Set, we have added an Introduction to the GNT-Family 35. This introduction offers background and explanation of distinctives of this particular Greek New Testament.

Finally, we have a major update to our in-house Outlines of the Bible Books. This title has long been a favorite of Accordance users for gaining a quick overview of the biblical material. The new update is a fairly massive overhaul that is more accurate, more focused and adds new sections and more consistent naming. The immediate benefit of the updated outlines will be seen in more detailed pericope headings at the top of the Info Pane.

All of this new and updated material comes in free upgrades to those who have already purchased these titles. Be certain to check both Easy Install and Content Updates to make certain you have everything up to date in your Accordance Library