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Series Editor: D. A. Carson

Like any other commentary series, The Pillar New Testament Commentary has specific aims. Designed both for serious students and for general readers of the Bible, the PNTC volumes seek above all to make clear the meaning of the text of Scripture as we have it. The scholars writing these volumes interact with the most important, informed contemporary debate yet avoid undue technical detail. Their ideal is a blend of rigorous exegesis and exposition, scholarship and pastoral sensitivity, with an eye alert both to biblical theology and to the contemporary relevance of the Bible.

While the New International Version is the translation of choice for the English text, Pillar authors base their exposition on the Greek New Testament. They are deeply committed to a fresh wrestling with the text, using every means at their disposal to “loosen the Bible from its pages” to help readers understand what the text says and how to apply it to life today.

Underlying the approach of this series is the fact that God stands over against us rather than we in judgment of him. When God speaks to us in his Word, those who profess to know him must respond with reverence, a certain fear, a holy joy, and a questing obedience. These attitudes are reflected in the profoundly Christian stance of the PNTC authors toward the text. With these values in place, the Pillar commentaries will continue to be warmly welcomed by pastors, teachers, and students everywhere.

Pillar NT Commentary (17 Volumes, 5 Revised)
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Individual volumes currently available: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans (revised volume), 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Ephesians (revised volume), Philippians, Colossians/Philemon, 1-2 Thessalonians, Timothy/Titus, Hebrews (revised volume), James (2nd ed.), 2 Peter/Jude, and Letters of John (2nd ed.).

  • Initial Release: September 2008
  • July 2009 update added 2 Peter/Jude.
  • Feb. 2012 update added Acts, 1 Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians & Philemon, and Hebrews.
  • May 2016 update added Luke, 2 Corinthians, and an updated volume on Romans by Colin Kruse (replaces Romans by Morris).
  • August 2016 update removed Ephesians and Hebrew at Publisher’s request.
  • March 2019 update added Timothy/Titus.
  • January 2021 update replaces Letters of John with updated 2nd Edition.
  • November 2021 update replaces Letter of James with updated 2nd Edition.
  • October 2023 update added replacement volumes on Ephesians (by Constantine Campbell) and Hebrews (by Sigurd Grindheim).

Current 17 Volumes:

Legacy Volumes:

  • Paul’s Letter to the Romans – Leon Morris (1988) (Reg. price $40.90)
  • The Letter to the Ephesians – Peter O’Brien (1999) (No longer available for purchase)
  • The Letter to the Hebrews – Peter O’Brien (2009) (No longer available for purchase)
  • The Letter of James – Douglas J. Moo (2000) (Reg. price $32.90)
  • The Letters of John – Colin G. Kruse (2000) (Reg. price $32.90)

Pillar Set History

  Pillar NTC
(8 vols)
Pillar NTC-2
(9 vols)
Pillar NTC3
(14 vols)
Pillar NTC-16
(16 vols)
Pillar NTC-14
(14 vols)
Pillar NTC-15
(15 vols)
Revised Pillar NTC-15
(15 vols)
Pillar NTC-15R3
(15 vols, 3 revised)
Pillar NTC-17R5
(17 vols, 5 revised)
Romans (Morris)
Romans (Kruse)
1st Corinthians
2nd Corinthians
Ephesians (O’Brien)
Not Available
Ephesians (Campbell)                
Timothy / Titus          
Hebrews (O’Brien)
Not Available
Hebrews (Grindheim)                
James (2000) Replaced  
James (2021)              
2 Peter / Jude
1-3 John (2000)
1-3 John (2020)            

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